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Breaking News: Lil Wayne Place In Protective Custody

Young Money CEO/ Rapper Lil Wayne has officially began to serve his one year jail sentence and he is being place in protective custody.  According to TMZ.COM,  The judge asked Wayne, before sentencing, if he wanted to make a statement but Wayne just shook his head no. After he was sentenced, Lil Wayne was cuffed, turned to his fans in the courtroom and bowed his head.

Lil Wayne  asked for special medical attention because of his dental problems. No word if the medical attention was granted or not.  Wayne’s father, Baby accompany him in court. This is the fourth time Wayne was supposed to be sentenced. The first time was postponed because of dental surgery and the second and third times were because of a fire in the courthouse.

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Two Video Vixens Throws Lil Wanye, Fabolous, Young Berg And Other Rappers Under The Bus

The proof is in the pudding, two well-known video vixens are throwing rappers under the bus like that bitch Superhead. One vixen is White and the other  is Latina. Below is what the White video vixen is saying:

She was at Young Berg  house when it got robbed a few weeks ago and she claims Young Berg was in his underwear and high on extacsy pills and was careless leaving all the doors unlocked and girls running around everywhere. Accord to this video vixen, she  been dating Fabolous and having sex with Lil Wayne after he bought her a plane ticket to Miami. No homo but this video vixen  said  Wayne d**k was long  and bony and was very boring his only position was Missionary.

The Latina  video vixen that is  from Miami is saying:

She dated rapper Wow Bow and she told her friends that his penis is exactly what you expect from a 4 foot height rapper. She has also been sexing Harlem rapper Jae Millz and she told her friends that Jae Millz is a nympho and likes to get it in at least 8 times a day and he shares Kat with Gudda Gudda and Lil Twist.

(Gudda Gudda is the first person in the picture, Jae Millz is the second person in the picture  (the one with the purple shirt standing behind Shanelle) and Lil Twist is standing to the right of Shanelle (with the mohawk, wearing all black).

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Breaking News: Mo’Nique Wins Oscar for Precious

I will like to send a big congrats out to actress Mo’Nique for winning the award for best actress in a supporting role for the movie Precious based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire. Mo’Nique portrays Mary, an abusive mother whose cruel behavior has had a devastating effect on her pregnant teenage daughter.

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