Breaking News: B.G. Signs Back With Cash Money Records

Former Cash Money recording artist B.G. recently signed back with his former label. 

B.G. left the label a few years ago because of  money issues. Him and Baby set down put their issues behind and are in the process of recording new music again. Does this mean the fans are getting a step closer to getting a Hot Boyz reunion album?  B.G is still cool with Mannie Fresh and Juvenile, In fact Juve and Fresh both appeared on B.G. last album Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood.  Both Turk and Lil Wayne are currently in prison and are expected to be home by the year of the year. During a recent interview,  B.G. spoke on becoming a free agent after the release of Too Hood 2 Be Hollywood and what it would take to be back with Cash Money and Birdman.

“If the numbers right, if it makes sense.”

He also spoke on how Baby attempted to help B.G. be released from Atlantic Records.

“E1 called Atlantic and asked them what they doing with me. What’s the hold up on B.G’s album? He offered them a deal, baby offered them a deal to and they turned him down. I guess, they don’t want to see me win or not. Everything worked out perfect, it couldn’t be better.”


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2 responses to “Breaking News: B.G. Signs Back With Cash Money Records

  1. hey dis for any one of yall. do yall work with people and teach them more about music… i would luv to be trained more by yall..

  2. choppa grip

    am so so happy my man B.G and Birdman as well.i can’t wait to see them together again.Gizzle for ever