Jay-Z Fired Someone In His Camp For Stealing Money

I am hearing a rumor that somebody recently got fired from big homie Jay-Z camp for stealing a lot of money from him. I am not too sure about how much money it was but I am hearing that is was a large amount. My sources are telling me this is true and that the person has been dealt with very quietly.

(Why will someone steal money from someone in their own camp? That’s stupid to me, on top of that, why will you steal money from Jay-Z? I am sure that Jay-Z was paying this person hundredth of thousands dollars a year).

In related Jay-Z news, he is currently on the Blueprint 3 tour with Young Jeezy and Trey Songz. The three recently formed a group together called Mob Squad and are working on new music together. If I’m not mistaking, Jay-Z is working on his next album as well and it will be out later this year.

Pictures from Jay-Z Blueprint 3 tour.


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2 responses to “Jay-Z Fired Someone In His Camp For Stealing Money

  1. I’m not sure what to think of Shawn Carter and the free mason stuff and even though caught that ether I’m still a fan of his pre blueprint 2 music and I still think he makes decent music just could be more artistic

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