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Soulja Boy Speaks On His New LP Dre

In a recent interview with BET, teen rapper Soulja Boy promised that his forthcoming LP Dre will have better lyrics and productions than his previous two.

“This one, my lyrics are better, my lyrics are on another level,” Soulja Boy said in an interview. “My beats are on another level. I’m richer. I look better and I’m more successful, it’s an upgrade. I been in the studio with Kanye rocking. I haven’t been in the studio with Rihanna yet, but she said she wants to get something done. Shouts out to Drake, been in the studio with Drake. Been in the studio with Nicki Minaj, I got something. Shouts out to Trey Songz, I was just in the studio with him. I got something on there. Ray J, Snoop Dogg, that’s about it.” (BET)

Dre is slated for a summer 2010 release.

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Behind The Scenes: Fat Joe Ft Jeezy “Slow Down” [With Video]

The track is the lead single off of Fat Joe’s forthcoming LP Darkside, due in stores and online this summer via TS/E-1 Records

(The song is okay and have a dope verse from Jeezy but still Joe isn’t going to sell any records).

Part 1

Part 2

Video Credit: Mazi-O Videos/www.maziovideo.com and www.hiphopbeef.com

Picture Credit: www.bermanfenelus.com

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Nicki Minaj Get Your Own S**t And Stop Ridin Lil Kim

Below are three pictures of Nicki Minaj swagger jacking Lil Kim

Nicki said,  “I want to start a new lane that one day, 10 years from now, girls will say, ‘I’m more of a Nicki Minaj type.” (Cash Money Records Press Release)

(How can Nicki start a new lane and do something that doesn’t sounds like any other female rappers if she’s biting Lil  Kim whole style and has been doing it her entire career)?

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