Shyne “Over” Freestyle & “Unthinkable” Remix With Alicia Keys

Don’t call it a comeback, Brooklyn’s rapper Shyne Po is back. All week he been dropping new tracks on you lames. This is a great way to start off the summer Po. I dig how Po switched up his flow.

Shyne “Over” Freestyle (Listen to the lyrics)

“Son. Who Are You Kidding/ B.I.G. Ain’t Here, Now Shyne Is The Illest”

“Unthinkable” Official Rmx Alicia Keys Ft Shyne (Dissin 50 Cent)

“I Need A Couple Million F**k 50 Cent”

Shyne’s forthcoming LP will be in stores and online this fall via Gangland/Def Jam Records.


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3 responses to “Shyne “Over” Freestyle & “Unthinkable” Remix With Alicia Keys

  1. Alicia Keys is a very gifted person. She deserves to be called the diva of todays music. Congratulations to your new life with husband.

  2. Alicia Keys is my idol. She is gorgeous. I am happy to see her wedding photo and she is just amazing

  3. I think alicia keys is very pretty i am her biggest fan down in louisiana i’m biracial too my momma is white and my dad is black my mom is italian n german i dont know my dad but people tell me i have her eyes but she’s still my role model