Lil Kim “O Let’s Do It” Freestyle

I’m sorry  but this freestyle is wack. Kim don’t go as hard as she used to go. The last few songs/freestyle that Kim put out was wack. I will love to see Kim make a comeback but I doubt if it could happen. I think Kim made a great impact in Hip-Hop and made her mark as a female rapper and now it is time for her to give it up or pass the torch down to the younger generation. 

(By the way, I am prepared for you guys to leave negative comments about me. Every time I post something about Lil Kim, people always have bad things to say about me. I respect each and every one of you guys opinion and comments but when you leave comments talking about my mother, that’s a little bite disrespectful. By the way, for the person that left the comment about my mother not having a job, that’s so false. My mother works for the Department of Labor in New Jersey and she pays $26,000 a year, for me to go to the number two best college in New Jersey).

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