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Bow Wow Caught Trying To Pay For Some Dome

Cash Money new signee Bow Wow was caught on his twitter page www.twitter.com/bowwow trying to pay a female from Virginia for some dome. Bow Wow accidentally posted the message to the female twitter page, instead of direct messaging her. The exact message that Bow Wow tweeted was, “How much for some dome, How far are you from Richmond?”-Bow Wow

I don’t even know why this is such a big deal. Bow Wow is only human and I’m sure that he’s not the only rapper or male in the world who pays for dome when he’s out-of-town. They say “it’s not tricking if you have it.” Shout-out to Bow Wow and keep doing what you do homie.

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Sheek Louch Speaks On Deal With Def Jam

Yesterday, I reported that D-Block/Ruff Ryder artist Sheek has officially signed a solo deal with Def Jam, in an exclusive interview with XXL, Sheek spoke about his new deal:

“I got some real good music coming out,” he revealed. “I needed that right machine behind it to get that record past the level that it stops, to push it further. And I was shopping it to a lot of the majors…but my man L and Butch, Czar, Mike Caruso and Lenny S…they brought me up in there to Def Jam. And Chris Hicks and L.A. [Reid] they seen the vision. And it’s on.”

Sheek hopes to put out his as-yet-untitled fourth LP sometime this fall. Sheek also spoke about The LOX upcoming album:

As far as what label the NY trio will end up, Sheek says it’s still up in the air. “It’s between a couple spots that’s actually throwing real nice numbers and ideas at us,” he shared. “I know everybody’s been hearing about that project but it’s for real, for real…we’re meeting with [Diddy] on Wednesday.”

(Props to XXL)

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