Gucci Mane’s New Chain: Another Stupid Investment

This past weekend ATL rapper  Gucci Mane was spotted at club Esso in Atlanta rocking a super big  yellow and white diamonds chain. Honestly, I think this chain is straight up bulls**t. Gooch could have sent four kids to college instead of buying this stupid chain. Buying this chain is what I call a stupid investment.

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16 responses to “Gucci Mane’s New Chain: Another Stupid Investment

  1. thegreatysl

    i see comments of people calling him racial slurs for having a chain on his neck.. smh i understand chains were forced on blacks during slavery but i also know chains of gold & rubies were worn by african people 2000 years b4 slavery existed. i dont see his chain as being something negative… YOUre trying to make it negative with these negative comments..

  2. thegreatysl

    ITs crazy how people are quick to judge.. And im willing to bet my life tht DON is a christian… (hypocrite). Why isnt it a headline about ADam Sandler (the comedian) buying the ,already rich, co stars of “GrowN UPs” MAserati’s. The reason is others stick together while we steady pulling each other apart. i could never tell a man how to spend his money, especially if wht he or she is doing is working for them.

  3. thegreatysl

    Gucci mane’s image is based upon an attempted robbery & home invasion back in 05. A man was killed trying to rob gucci mane for his chain. That is why he wears big, over the top gaudy jewelry. The chains are apart of the image. After the attempted robbery, digital sales went up & he made bigger jewelry as a taunt and letting people know “he’s ready for everything.” even this site keeps up with his chain. HIs chain made headlines &His chain is making him money.. PERIOD

  4. thegreatysl

    little diamond chips arent worth anything. The gold is the only thing of value.. u can purchase a hand full of diamond chips for cheap.. cheap meaning 5 to 15 a stone.. Diamonds arent worth anything until you get to the big one’s 1karat & up with vs or vvs clarity. Besides that, it is never appropriate to talk about money nevertheless someone else’s. if thts wht he spends his money on then thts him. he made the money, not you..LET HIM ENJOY IT and quit hating

  5. sean

    Sean p putti ng Hickory,NC on the map

  6. gshit

    itz gucci mane money he can do wat the fuck he wanna do wit it damn so many fuckin haters you juz mad cuz yo broke ass cant afford a chain

  7. SirSmokeAhlot

    Nigga your a “Stupid Investment”…Gucci can do what the fuck he wants he makes money so stop hating on that man for what he does with HIS money…

  8. Tre

    no nigga got more chains than Gucci

  9. Dorian

    Damn right. hang that coon

  10. Cooley

    Fucking NIGGER

  11. Dorian


  12. lil gucci

    your a cluck bro who cares that he bought that chain if i had millions just chillin in bags and i was a so icy boy i would have a presidential Rolex in every color diamond i could possibly buy fuck the kids that’s there parents responsibility and actually if they wanted to go to college they would be smart enough to get a scholarship….

  13. Ruffin51

    “Buying that chain is what you call a stupid investment.”

    And you’re what you call a hater.

  14. I think that chain is hot. You are prolly just another gucci mane hater. His chains mean something if you listen to his music he clearly explain them. Its not his responsiblty to send those kids to college if he wants to he can, but the nerve of you to call it a stupid investment is it your money..? not so y in the hell are you worried about what he is doing with it?

  15. lmao

    4 kids going to college doesn’t mean the money will be worth it haha

    and you forget what he does with his chains, they get stored in lock boxes so the value can go up as diamonds & gold go up, etc