Shots Fired: 50 Cent Goes At Diddy Live In Brazil

At a recent concert in Brazil, 50 Cent took shots at Diddy. During 50 performance, he added the remix to “Bitch” dissing Diddy and he poked fun at him by doing the dance that Diddy does in his video “Hello, Good Morning.”

50 is really a jealous dude. Every time a rapper gets bigger than him, he talks down on them and disses them. Honestly, I think 50 is mad at the fact that Diddy is now managing Rick Ross and created Dream Team with Rick Ross, Fabolous, DJ Khaled, Red Cafe, Fat Joe, Swizz Beatz and Busta Rhymes.

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One response to “Shots Fired: 50 Cent Goes At Diddy Live In Brazil

  1. 7one

    “50 is jealous dude” Artists today can’t go on stage and perform without Bitches like you defending Sean Combs? WTF. All 50 did was poke fun at a wack ass track that your Boss released and you wanna make a fool outta yourself tryin to defend this nonsense. Let men be men and work it out between themselves. Shut the FUCK up with your jealous / hater bullshit…This was hip hop once upon a time and Mc’s would battle on stage for braggin rights. Real Mc’s don’t need Bloggers like you, Just report the fuckin story and get out the way.