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Kanye West And His New Girlfriend Showing Her Big Breast [With Pictures]

Below are a few pictures of Kanye West  and his new girlfriend. Her name is Shay, beside her big breast, I don’t know anything else about her.


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Rick Ross And Style P “B.M.F.” Live On 106 & Park

Earlier today Ricky Rozay stopped by 106 & Park to promote his latest album Teflon Don, in stores and online now. Ross performed “B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast) with Style P.

Honestly, I didn’t know that Terrance and Rocsi are still hosting the show. They are lames, when will they get their pink slips?

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T.I. Covers Complex Magazine

ATL Rapper/CEO T.I. is on the August/September  issue of Complex magazine. During his interview, the King of the South spoke about his last album,  new album, retirement, Jay-Z, his artist B.o.B, and his thoughts on some of the new artists.

How has having such big pop smashes on your last album influenced your musical direction on this album?

T.I.: There was a whole new audience introduced to T.I. by records like “Live Your Life” and “Dead and Gone.” I don’t think that I can properly maintain that same fan base if I don’t cater to them at some point. I got records that are way more left-field, mainstream, and universal than I’ve ever had. I got records that would be equivalent to Usher doing “OMG” with Will.i.am. I got a record called “Out of Control” that RedOne did. It’s a party record; Nelly said it sounded like Las Vegas club music.

The last time you were on our cover, you mentioned retirement. Three years later, on “I’m Back,” you mention retiring again.

T.I.: I’m kickin’ 30 down this year, so it’s about time to start thinking about an exit strategy. I’m not saying this is my last album or the next album is my last album, but I don’t see myself rappin’ for 10 or 20 more years. Although I could. Let’s say I do it for five more years, and after that, when I do an album, it’ll be an event. It’s not going to be day in, day out. Maybe every two or three years, a world tour, the whole shebang.

But you see artists like Jay-Z making great albums at 40.

T.I.: It can be done, but at the same time, Jay’s method is for Jay. I ain’t seen nobody else take that model and use it to their advantage.

Credit: Complex


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Model Amber Rose Styling On Them Hoes

Yesterday (July 19th) Amber Rose was spotted walking to the MAC store in LA. As I always say, “Amber Rose is one of the hottest chicks in the game.”  I still haven’t heard her say a word. Amber really became a celebrity overnight without saying a word.

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New Interview: Lil Kim Speaks On Nicki Minaj, Foxy Brown, Diddy & Jay-Z

In a recent interview with Black Voices, Brooklyn’s femcee Lil Kim spoke on her issues with Nicki Minaj, reconciling with her rival Foxy Brown, signing with Roc-A-Fella in the past and Diddy.

BV: So what’s going on with you and Nicki Minaj?“Well, here’s the situation. At the end of the day, when I came into the industry, I had to … let me take that back. I didn’t have to pay homage [to female rappers], but I did, I chose to. Because I knew that would be better for my career, but not only that, I love those girls! I did pattern myself after Salt-N-Pepa and all these other girls that were in the industry, Da Brat, and Lady of Rage. I would’ve look like a fool coming in saying little things and subliminal raps, because how could I ever disrespect these women who have been in the industry and paved the way for me?


“See that’s the problem, why don’t we just be real here and go back to a year and a half ago when she was just busting shots out of every place when she said in one of her interviews, ‘Oh, you know I’m going to sit by the pool and have the females in the game who’s been here for 10 years feeding me grapes, being that they don’t have nothing else to do right now.’ Oh yeah, bitch. I remember that! I remember that, I’m not going to forget it! Because at the end of the day, how dare you disrespect me or any other female that’s been in this industry for so long. She’s the same dag on age as us. Stop it! You coming in the game at 30 years old, don’t even freakin’ go there, don’t go there.”

BV: Well on a lighter note, what about Foxy Brown? Will you reconcile with her?

LK: “I don’t even want to mention her. No, because she’s just somebody that’s just. …No, I don’t even want to mention her. One moment she got something bad to say about me, one moment she got something good to say. I don’t like that flip flop sh–, that just means that you’re still crazy! My mom always told me if you know there’s a snake in the grass, and you know it’s a snake that bit you before, why would you pick it back up? I’m not picking back up anymore snakes no more. Everyone that’s around me now are very genuine, positive, and love me. You never know, time goes by and people show their real skin so I don’t give people 100 percent anymore. I brought so many people in this game/ I rocked with so many people, showed so many people homage and love. But they don’t show it back to me. It doesn’t bother me, I just move on. That’s why I’m always quiet about things, I just take it on the chin because I’m God’s child.”

BV: Now what about you and Jay-Z?

LK: “I love Jay-Z. But here’s the thing, he had a conversation with me before about bringing me on Roc-A-Fella. And it didn’t happen. But, hey, maybe this is the right timing. I don’t always agree with everything Jay-Z does, and he doesn’t always agree with everything that I do. But we’ve been friends since 15 years old, so I look at it like there’s no escaping him. Same thing with Puffy Diddy. Puffy and I are brother and sister. And we’re going to fight, but I can’t escape from Puffy. It’s almost like, I’m stuck with the boy. We’re brother and sister and we both don’t always do the right thing. As a matter of fact, most of the time he doesn’t do the right thing. It’s a love-hate thing I guess. I’m just so tired of doing so much for him and he doesn’t do anything for me. It’s time for me to start giving back to Kimmy.”

Credit: Black Voices


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Rick Ross Confirmed Meek Millz “Rose Red” Remix [With Picture & Video]

Miami rapper Rick Ross confirmed to a Philly DJ (I refused to mention his name) that he will be doing the “Rose Red” remix with Philadelphia/Grand Hustle recording artist Meek Millz.

I can’t wait to hear the remix, Meek Millz is the hottest in his city and Rick Ross been dope since he released his first album.

At the 4:30 mark Rick Ross speaks on getting on Meek Millz “Rose Red” Remix

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