No Wedding: Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Is Not Getting Married This Weekend

Despite the rumors and the blog I posted earlier this week, R&B singer Alicia Keys and Producer/Rapper Swizz Beatz are not getting married this weekend. During an interview with Ok magazine, Swizz Confirmed that he and Alicia will not be getting married this weekend, but it will be soon. Peep what Swizz told Ok magazine below.

Well it’s not this weekend!” Swizz Beatz says. ”But you know, were excited. Our union is amazing. Our union is pure. Our union is positive no matter what people say or what people think, time will tell everything and you know, silence is the best thing. We just keep it private and we do our thing and just have fun with it.”

 Also, Swizz Beatz is helping with the wedding planning

Yeah, you know, I’m a planner!” he tells OK!. ”I like getting into the detail of things. I’m inspired by fashion, I’m inspired by art, I’m inspired by architectural things so [I like] being involved with the wedding. I’m not the person who sits back and goes, okay, well I’ll just show up. I’m actually spearheading certain plans but it’s a nice blend, a nice partnership.”

Swizz Beatz speaks on his upcoming album

I’m working on my album which is super incredible,” he tells OK!. ”Got everybody on there from Jay-Z to John Legend to Mary J. Blige to Drake. Super amazing album. I’m also working on Lenny Kravitz new album, working with Cold Play.”

Credit: Ok magazine

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