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New Music: Lupe Fiasco “B.M.F” (Building Minds Faster) Freestyle

Chi Town/Atlantic Records recording artist Lupe Fiasco is the latest rapper to spit a freestyle over Rick Ross’ “B.M.F.” beat. I like Lupe’s freestyle and like the direction that he took.

I think I’m Malcolm X, Martin Luther, add a King add a Junior/some bible verses, a couple sooners/an AK 47, that’s a revolution/I think I’m Tupac, Bob Marly, Felda Cooley, Marcus Garvey/them the real ones/lotta fun/let them know I’m riding for em-Lupe Fiasco “B.M.F.”

I gotta 5th flow/call me brother man/Africa the set, yeah that’s the motherland/for that BP, I shared 50 tears/ In Nigeria that oil been spilling for like 50 years/-Lupe Fiasco “B.M.F.”

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Eve And Lil Kim Makes Peace [With Picture & Video]

After years of throwing subliminal diss records at each other and not speaking, Femcees Eve and Lil Kim recently squashed their beef and are on good terms. In the near future, there could be an Eve and Kim collaboration. Both artists are working on their comeback albums; Eve and Kim on the same track will be dope.


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