Rick Ross “Hard In The Paint” Video

Rick Ross is the latest rapper to take a stab at Waka Flocka Flame’s “Hard In The Paint.” The Miami boss left his home town and went to Sin City to shoot his version of the video, which was directed by Spliff TV.

Ross kept it Boss status by walking through the streets of Vegas with his shirt off and a neck full of diamonds. The bright lights, expensive hotels and great eateries, will make anyone fall in love with Sin City.

See Gucci that my muthaf**ka n***a, 20 racks on me b**ch you f**king with a killer, I can’t hang with no p**sy ass n***a, 1,000 carats in the chain, quarter millie for a n***a.” -Rick Ross “Hard In The Paint”

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  1. Ashy

    Mhmmmm Rcky Rosay you is one fat motherfucke you ham hog eat ing monkey .. you is just ugly point blank.