Young Jeezy Isn’t Happy At Def Jam, Will Jay-Z Bring Him To Roc Nation?


There is a strong rumor that’s going around in the music industry, and this rumor has some truth to it. I am hearing from reliable sources that Young Jeezy isn’t happy over at Def Jam. Jeezy’s relationship with the high-end execs at the label went from bad to worse. They aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on any development, which is the reason why Jeezy’s forthcoming LP Thug Motivation 103 is keep getting pushed back. As of now, the album is scheduled to come out on September 28th. I am hearing that the fans are requesting the execs at the label to put out Jeezy’s album TM103, but for some reason they are not. I doubt if this has anything to do with the Rick Ross situation.

On a positive side, I am hearing that Jay-Z has stepped in to help Young Jeezy. According to sources, Jay is trying to get Def Jam to let Young Jeezy out of his contract, so Jay could bring him to Roc Nation. If all goes right, TM103 might come out through Roc Nation.

If Def Jam does let Jeezy out of his contract, I know it’s going to cost a couple million or dollars. Jay-Z paid Def Jam $5 million to let him out of his contract a few years ago.

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2 responses to “Young Jeezy Isn’t Happy At Def Jam, Will Jay-Z Bring Him To Roc Nation?

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  2. jeezy need to leave cuz def jam been on some bull with hip hop since ja rule and x was hot. if i was jeezy ill fuck with hov. def jam signing dorrough they pose to be hip hop not snap yo finger music