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50 Cent Speaks On Jay-Z Pictures And Beef With Diddy

Yesterday, I posted pictures and videos from Jay-Z and Eminem Home & Home concert in Detroit. Backstage 50 Cent ran into Jay-Z. During an interview with MTV, 50 Cent spoke about running into Jay backstage and he clarified his beef with Diddy.

On running into Jay-Z Backstage

We got a chance to kick it for a minute. I know people were interested in what that conversation was like. But they can ask Jay-Z. I take people’s actions as if it’s genuinely how they feel. I can only use what I saw you do as if that’s what you meant. I can’t understand what your motivation was prior to that.”-50 Cent

On Beef with Diddy

I had a conversation with Puffy the night before Jay. He gave me a whole new perspective on his actions. He’s like, ‘I understand the way you felt because of what I was doing at the time. But I wasn’t thinking what you was thinking I was. You done hit me nine times. I’m just in the fetal because I understand why you are attacking me. But if I can’t touch bases with you to tell you what I’m thinking or why I did it, then you can’t understand it.’ We created a little clarity out there.”-50 Cent

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Credit: MTV

Picture Credit: TheLifeFiles.com

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Labor Day Weekend New Music From Kanye West, Lloyd Banks & More

Happy Labor Day to all of you guys. Please be safe, have fun and if you are not doing the right thing, please don’t do the wrong thing. Please don’t drink and drive; always remember that the best sex is safe sex. Shout out to all my friends that went down to Miami. Tonight Saturday (September 4) I will be at the Harrah pool party in Atlantic City, New Jersey. To set your LDW off right, I posted some new music, peep below.

Kanye West “Devil In A New Dress”

Lloyd Banks “See Me Bright”

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