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Diddy Goes Back To NY and Stops On His Block (Broadway). “This Is My Block” [With Video]

“Take That Take That,” back in 1998 Diddy said, “10 years from now were still be on top.” Well 12 years later, he’s still on top. Offices on Broadway, stores on 5th Ave, Diddy really does run the city. The music mogul stopped on Broadway to promote his upcoming Dirty Money album Last Train To Paris, in stores and online December 14th. The album features guest appearances from  Notorious B.I.G ., Lil Wayne, Drake, Swizz Beatz, Trey Songz, T.I. and more. Peep the video below.

There is something  about Puff that I love. In my opinion, beside Jay-Z, I think Puff is the greatest to ever do it. He’s such an icon and I idolize him.

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Breaking News: Rapper Young Jeezy Arrested in the Bahamas

Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy was arrested in the Bahamas over this past weekend for an unknown infraction, according to the Bahamas’ Tribune newspaper. I’m not sure if it is true or not but I’m hearing that Jeezy may have been arrested for smoking weed. Jeezy was in Bahamas for a concert. Later that night, Jeezy was released from police custody and did get the chance to perform at Club Luna.

He was here with us a short while, he passed through the station briefly on Saturday,” officer-in-charge of the Wulff Road station Superintendent Ashton Greenslade told The Tribune. “He was booked in here and taken to CDU (Central Detective Unit).”

As of press time, police have not revealed the official reason on why Jeezy was arrested.

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New Music: Rich Rosay “Fire Off”

Rich Rosay never been a broke lame for a reason, he take naps in the four seasons. Earlier today, Rich released a new freestyle called “Fire Off.”  The 17 years old rap phenom is destined to be the next big thing out of New York. Rich Rosay’s talent, lyrics, flow, swag and personality are the exact reasons why I chose to become his manager. After two years of managing Rich, I think his time is finally coming. I’m so proud of Rich and his success. I swear we are going to make history together.  In my opinion, he’s the “greatest unsigned rapper alive” and the “best rapper alive since the late great Notorious B.I.G and Big Pun.” Listen to the track below.

Rich and I came in this industry together with nothing but two blackberries, a laptop and $60. We spent our last $60 to go to the studio to record. That night we stayed in the studio in Harlem until 5am. The studio was so old with writing, posters and painting on the walls but very Hip-Hop. It wasn’t the best studio or quality but that night symbolized a lot. Its showed that we were just hungry and very excited to record. Now, we moved up a little and are recording in a better studio.

Rich Rosay is in the studio working on his debut mixtape Almost Grown. The mixtape will be out soon. As of posting, there is no available release date. Rich Rosay mixtape is a masterpiece and is very creative.  When Rich feel like he gave his fans his best offering, he will put his mixtape out.

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Rich Rosay’s Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/RichRosay

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