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World Premiere Of Foxy Brown’s “Massarce” Fri 1/7 On Hot 97

Brooklyn’s Don Diva is prepared to go to war as she is gearing up to released her new track “Massacre” on New York’s Hot 97 Fm tomorrow Friday January 7th. Fox Boogie took to her Twitter @foxdondiva page to address the released of “Massacre” and appearing live on Hot 97.


FOX BOOGIE aka “Machine Gun Kelly” LIVE ON HOT97 FRIDAY BABY!!!!!!! World Premiere of “CHRISTMAS MASSACRE”!!!!!

Owww!!!! Just bought a disrespectful pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods yall!! LOL! Only Boogie would go to war rockin’ haute couture!!

Stay tuned to YoDonBleekRaps for more information!

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Emily Bustamente: Do You Really Know Fabolous’ Wifey?

In an interview with Mashonda/Vibe magazine’s newly section Pandora’s Box (a new weekly column by singer, songwriter and mother Mashonda. Each week Mashonda will cover interesting people, the latest in fashion, culture, healthy living and luxury) Fabolous’ girlfriend Emily and the mother of his son spoke about how she met Fabolous, moving from VA to NY to live in with Fabolous, and her upcoming VH1 reality show Love & Hip-Hop. Read some excerpts from the interview below.

Mashonda:  How did you meet Fabolous?

 Emily:  I met him in 2002 at an event. He sent his brother over to me to get my attention. I told his brother, “If he wants to talk to me, tell him to come here”. He was there promoting his album. When he finally walked over to me, I asked him why did he send his brother. Why couldn’t he talk to me himself? His response was: “I’m shy”. Those words, and his soft-spoken tone, won me over instantly.

Thats sweet. What happened next?

 He asked where I was from, and said that I should visit him next time I’m in New York. I gave him my number and watched him store it in his sidekick as “Emily VA”. I felt like, Wow, hes only going to know me for my state. I never asked for his number, I felt if it was meant to be, he would call me. We stayed in touch on the phone and when he finally came back to VA to do a show, he called and invited me. We spoke everyday from then on and saw each other often.

Credit: MaShonda/Vibe Magazine

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New Interview: Snoop Dogg Talks New LP & Movie With Wiz Khalifa

In a phone interview with DJ Skee of Hip Hop Nation, Uncle Snopp revealed that he has a new album coming out titled Dogumentary and has a movie with Wiz Khalifa coming out called High School.  The movie will be released straight to DVD on April 20th. Listen to the interview below.

Interview Credit: Skee TV

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La La Vazquez-Anthony Styling On Them Hoes In A $4,400 Alexander McQueen Jacket

Media Personality/Reality Star La La Vazquez-Anthony was spotted styling on them hoes courtside at the Clippers vs Nuggets game in Los Angeles. She was cheering on her husband Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets. La La was wearing a pair of YSL Tribute Leopard Print Pumps with a $4,400 Alexander McQueen Leather jacket and a Stella McCartney Clutch.

As I always say, “La La is one of the hottest chicks in the game.”

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Harlem World Is Back, But No Mase

After falling back from the music scene and breaking up over a decade ago, Harlem’s rap crew Harlem World is back, without Mase. The group now consist of Cardan, Meeno, and Suga J. The Harlemites recently took at stab at Lloyd Banks’ “Start It Up” record and added their Harlem swag over the track. After not being on the music scene for almost a decade, Harlem Word still has it. I like the song. Harlem World just finished shooting a video in New Jersey, but I’m not sure for what song. Listen to the track below.

Picture Credit: Vibe

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Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Louis Vuitton recently released a few pieces from their Men’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection. The picture above is the Damier Aventure Practical bag, which features a tonal checkered pattern. This bag is on sale now for $910.

In the picture above is the Tribe Louis Vuitton sneaker boot. This sneaker is a padded, V-shaped patchwork design crafted from calf leather and the brand’s signature checkerboard Damier Géant canvas covers the tongue and heel.  The Tribe sneaker boot is priced at $700 and is available in white, beige, blue and green colorways.

Credit: Louis Vuitton

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