The Top 5 Most Stylist New York Rappers

Bright lights, big city, New York is the fashion capital of the world. After living in New York City for two months, I’ve learned that they take fashion very serious there. Now, even if I’m running to the market, I have to be styling on them lames. I came up with a list five of the most stylist New York rappers. All five of these guys, are fashion icons in New York City and they set trends. Peep my list below.

1. Jay-Z

Back in the early 2000’s, Jay-Z made us throw away our white-tees and made us start wearing button-ups. Now, in the new decade, odee sized clothes, we off that. In 2009, Jay-Z set a trend by wearing all black everything and a lot of other people followed his lead.

2. Juelz Santana

Ju Ju is so dope no homo. A few years ago, Ju Ju and his partner Jim Jones started the rock star trend. They had everyone wearing fitted clothes and $300-$800 BB Simon belts.

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3. Fabolous

Loso’s style is niceeee. His girlfriend Emily/mother of his son is his stylist. Fab is one of the rappers in the game who always be the first to get the newest designer clothes. 10 Years ago, he had everyone wearing a Mitchel & Ness jersey with the matching hat. Now, a lot of us, including myself are wearing Louis Vuitton belts, coin holders and wallets.

4. Jim Jones

If I had to pick one word to describe Jim Jones, it will be “splashy.” Everything he does is splashy and he’s so fly.

5. Vado

Vado is the new kid on the block but he has the swag of an OG. I love how Vado style himself. Give Vado a few more years and he will be the hottest rapper in New York.

What do you guys think of my list; who will you add to the list?


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5 responses to “The Top 5 Most Stylist New York Rappers

  1. Esaw CouturE

    I agree, I also have a question.How does a New York based designer like myself get to have my clothing line looked at by
    a stylist to bring to the attention of someone like Jim Jones or a rapper type in general?

  2. owwwww

    Juelz can’t be above Jones when Jones have him his whole wave…Santana was rocking B.B. Simon belts, wallet chains, Gucci and LV scarves, True Religion Jeans, or damn near anything before Jimmy. Santana wears fly shit, don’t get me wrong, but without Jim being the trendsetter Santana would still be rocking baggy jeans and that corny ass bandana.

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  4. Neely

    Glad u noticed Juelz and Jim Jones on ya list cause truth they started the Fitted Trend

  5. Lalaine

    I agree, Jay-Z and Vado have wicked style 😀 If this was my list, Tinie Tempah would be on there too.

    Cool blog btw!