Lil Kim Ft. I.R.S. “6 Foot 7” Remix

The Queen Bee is going hard with the new music. Last night DJ Funk Flex premiered Lil Kim’s new single “Clap Clap” Ft. I.R.S. and DJ Clue recently aired Lil Kim Ft. I.R.S. “6 foot 7” remix. Kim and her new group I.R.S. took a stab at Wayne and Cory Gunz’ “6 Foot 7” and added their Brooklyn switch to it. I think the song is okay and I like I.R.S. word play and punchlines. Listen to the track below.

Ok ok, I got the ball/ I’m coming down the court like Jordan with his tongue out/ Petite and all, I’m stepping on ya’ll like I’m 20 foot tall.” -Lil Kim

Listen Now: Lil Kim Ft. I.R.S. 6 Foot 7 (Remix)

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