Breaking News: Juelz Santana Speaks Out On Recent Arrest, Plus He’s Prepared To Fight The Case

Side-note: A lot of websites are posting pictures of Juelz Santana’s mug shot but out of respect I will not post that picture. The picture below is Juelz and I (Don Bleek) back stage at his concert in New York City. This picture was taken almost a year ago.

After spending a day in  a New Jersey jail, Juelz Santana is giving his side of the story. The Harlemite called New York’s Hot 97 Angie Martinez show to speak on what really happened.

Yesterday Wednesday (February 2) Juelz Santana was taken into custody in New Jersey on four counts of narcotic and weapon offenses. This stems from 10-month investigation by Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office Gang Unit, which lead to the raid of his studio last month.  In an interview with Angie Martinez, Juelz confirmed that he was just released on $125,000 bail.

I’m a free man out on bail,” said the Harlemite. “I’m just doing my regular thing, I’m still me. It’s just an unfortunate situation, got caught up.”

Santana explained that the NJ Police put a bunch of charges on him.

They raided my studio, said things was going on. The charges was just kind of crazy. For one, I wasn’t even in my studio when they raided. They raided my studio, they found whatever they want to say they found, and they just put a bunch of charges on me.”

Santana was supposed to be released once he turned himself in but the computers was down because of the snow storm.

They had a warrant out for my arrest since last week,” he continued. “I had just turned myself in and I was supposed to be out right there because he had the bailmoney already on standby for whatever, but once I get in there, they’re like, ‘Oh, the computers is down because of the ice storms and all that.’ I’m like, ‘Wow.’”

Before ending his phone call with Angie Martinez, Santana told her that he will fight this case.

I’m definitely going to be fighting this, because like I said, they didn’t catch me with nothing. My studio is a place where a bunch of people come in and out. They put me out as selling dime bags of weed. That’s a joke!” he exclaimed. “I wasn’t even there. Never in the case of history would you find Juelz selling no dime bags of marijuana.”

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