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Picture Me Dope: Harlem’s Rap Group ‘Children Of The Corn’

Harlem’s legendary rap crew Children of the Corn was formed in the early 90’s by neighborhood friends Mase, Cam’ron and Big L. Cam’ron’s cousin Bloodshed and friend McGruff were also a part of the group. Children of the corn is a shorter name for Children of the Corner. The group disbanded in the late 90’s after the death of Bloodshed and Big L. Bloodshed was killed in a car crashed on the George Washington Bridge back in 1997 and Big L was murdered. After the group disbanded, they all went to pursue their solo careers. Mase signed with Bad Boy, Cam’ron signed with Epic and McGruff signed with Uptown. These guys were true Harlem hustla’s. They used to make money by rapping for local DJ’s and selling their tape out the trunk of their cars. Big L and Bloodshed are truly missed! Cam’ron, Mase & McGruff are nowhere to be found.

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Wiz Khalifa Speaks On His First Ever Spring Break Experience [With Video]

Wiz Khalifa is set to perform at MTV’s Spring Break 2011, which is taking place at the Palms Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The Taylor Gang rapper said it’s the best thing ever: “Spring break has been excellent, the stay has been excellent, the kids have been excellent, the staff, the people, the food, the atmosphere… Couldn’t ask for more,” he said. “It’s my first spring break experience, so it’s the best thing ever.”

The show airs the week of March 28.  Lupe Fiasco, Pitbull and Jason Derulo will also be performing. The fans can expect Wiz Khalifa to perform tracks off of his new album Rolling Papers, which is scheduled to land in stores and online on March 29 . The album features collaborations and productions from Jim Jonsin, Pharrell Williams and others.

Before ending his interview, Wiz said that the Palms is the perfect type of environment when you’re trying to do it big: “The Palms is perfect for this type of environment or any type of environment where you’re trying to do it big and really enjoy yourself and enjoy what’s going on around you while you’re there,” he continued. “The pool is crazy. I’ve never even seen a setup like that in my life, so being able to be there and perform there is awesome.”

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Dope Video: Big Sean “Hometown”

G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam recording artist Big Sean recently dropped the official video to “Hometown,” which is featured on his mixtape Finally Famous Vol. 3: BIG. The Detroit native will be releasing his debut album Finally Famous: The Album on May 3rd. So far the disc features collaborations with Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, No I.D. and Mike Posner. Peep the video below:

Credit: Don Bleek/HipHopWeekly.Com

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