Gucci Mane Covers The Source Magazine

Rapper Gucci Mane is covering The Source magazine “Green Issue.” In the cover story, Gooch talks about how he made the Forbes list while incarcerate, his  ice cream cone facial tattoo and recent run-ins with the law to obtaining crossover success. The “Green Issue” will be available on news stands March 22. Read an excerpt below:

Source: You don’t make Forbes by being stupid. Do you feel like people doubt your intelligence?

Gucci: Yeah. The critics and bloggers ridicule and scrutinize [but] it fuels my fire. I can’t say I want to enjoy all the spoils of the game without being criticized. I actually welcome it as a part of success. I don’t want everybody to like me. So many people feel like I don’t deserve the things I got. I know I worked so hard for ‘em, so [criticism] makes me work even harder.”

Credit: The Source

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