Ashanti & Nelly Ended Their Relationship, Plus Nelly Begged Her To Come Back

R&B singer Ashanti recently took to her Twitter account @Ashanti and tweeted that her and Nelly are no longer together. Before ending their up and down highly publicize relationship, the two dated for over five years. Ashanti was spotted in the studio working with Dr. Dre and The Game. It is rumored that she’s signing to Aftermath Records. Also, Ashanti has stated in a Ustream that she plans on releasing her new album in the fourth quarter of 2011, with the first single being planned for a summertime release and hopefully being able to release 2 to 3 singles before the album’s release. This will be the follow-up to Ashanti’s 2008 album The Declaration, which debuted at # 6 on the Billboard chart

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2 responses to “Ashanti & Nelly Ended Their Relationship, Plus Nelly Begged Her To Come Back

  1. tammy

    It is hard to find a man who is even a good provider these days, so if she wants children she should go back to him. He might be a lousy boyf/husband but if he has good parent potential she should go ahead and have her baby. She did love him enough to spend 5 years with him.

  2. Shani187b

    Seriously? How bout y’all get ur facts straight? Did u even READ what followed the “….”? She wasnt even referring to Nelly. Smh. You guys are exactly what disgusts me about todays media.