Vampire Life: Jim Jones Styling On Them Lames

Harlem’s rapper Jim Jones was spotted styling on them lames. In the picture above, he was on his way to White Plains, New York to meet New York’s DJ Funk Master Flex at Cabo. Capo was wearing a green Vampire Life (VL) shirt with Red letters, blue cut-up denim Capri’s, with a pair of red and white high top Nike Air Force 1. In the picture below, Capo was wearing a Black VL polo, True Religion denim jeans, with a pair of Carolina Blue and white low top Nike Air Force 1.

In an interview with, Jim Jones talked about Dipset reunion album, “Currently in motion, we been working . . . it hasn’t been going as fast as we’d like it to go because everybody got so much business that they’re doing aside from where we left it.” “But we definitely been locking in. Shout outs to Cam, shout outs to Juelz, shout outs to Freekey Zekey. Everybody’s on board. We actually working on the Diplomat movie . . . I don’t think I was supposed to say that.”

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4 responses to “Vampire Life: Jim Jones Styling On Them Lames

  1. You can get the shirts from Jim Jones website

  2. jolene

    new orleans wants to know where can we get the shirts (web site)

  3. Princess

    Word where do they sell them #VampireLife T-shirts ?

  4. where can i get a #VL shirt hit me up @DjYoungCue