Fashion Accessories: Hermes “H” Buckle Belts

This one is a blue and black belt with a silver & palladium plated buckle.

Aren’t you tired and bored of seeing every other person wearing a Louis Vuitton or Gucci belts? If so, let me introduce you to some new fashion. Hermes “H” buckle belts are sold as two separate pieces with the reversible leather strap priced at $590, and the silver or gold-plated “H” buckle priced at $665. But here’s the catch, When you purchase the buckle, you must buy the strap too. If you just want the strap, it is possible to purchase it without the buckle, but you cannot just purchase the buckle. If you would like to order any of these belt or any Hermes products; go to their official website here.

This one is Gold leather strap with black behind, along with gold-plated H buckle.

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