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Celebs Style: Tyga, Chris Brown & Big Sean In MCM

MCM (Mode Creation Munich) is a German luxury brand which specialty in leather goods, apparel and footwear. The brand was founded in 1976 and has since crossed over to Hip-Hop. Artists such as Tyga, Chris Brown and Big Sean have all been seen rocking this brand. Peep the pictures below:

Tyga was rocking a MCM jacket, with the matching gloves and briefcase during a photo shoot back in 2010.

Chris Brown was spotted making his rounds in LA. Breezy was carrying a MCM studded monogram backpack. He also worn a Memphis Grizzlies snapback cap, a $250 Diamond Supply Varsity jacket and a $420 Louis Vuitton Initiales Damier Ebene belt.

In an interview and photo shoot with 21-7 magazine, Big Sean was seen sitting next to a TI$A x MCM duffle bag. Sean was wearing a pocket tee with the red handkerchief, TI$A snap-back caps, with a pair of TI$A “Go Hard $” sneakers.

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Behind The Scenes: Meek Mill Ft. Rick Ross “I’m A Boss” Video Shoot [PICTORIAL]

As I am posting this story Thursday (July 4) at 3:30pm, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Emilio Rojas, DJ Sam Sneakers and Gucci Pucci are live in Philly shooting the video to Meek’s single “I’m A Boss” Ft. Rick Ross. The video is being directed by Benny Boom. Meek’s new mixtape Dream Chasers will be dropping on August 11.

Props to Spiff TV

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From Music To Fashion: Lil Wayne Announces He’s Releasing “Rebirth” Clothing Line

After successfully dominating the music industry, YMCMB rapper Lil Wayne is now putting some focus inside his upcoming “Rebirth” clothing line. The name was taken from Weezy’s 2010 album. Weezy told XXL magazine in their July/August 2011 issue he wants to jump into the fashion business:

I just figure that I… I’m funky,” he explained. “I got that from my stylist, Marisa. I’m funky, like she say. I wear a whole buncha items at one time, you know what I mean? I be figuring you at least want one of them items. Like, ‘Damn, I’d love to have that safety pin he got on,’ you know what I mean? Anything. I got on these types of shoes, these shorts, this sweater… A year from now, I want all these items to be mine. Rebirth. I want—I just figure people want to be funky like me, so I got my clothing line.”

Picture Credit: Lil Wayne HQ

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Sneaker Me Dope: Tyga Wearing Air Jordan 3 “Black/Cements”

YMCMB rapper Tyga was recently co-hosting BET’s “106 & Park” with Rocsi. On the set, Tyga was wearing a pair of Air Jordan 3 “Black/Cement.” These sneakers were originally released back in 1988. The Compton native will be releasing his new album Careless World this Fall. I respect what Tyga is doing for the new generation of Hip-Hop. Just like myself, Tyga represents the youth. He’s also doing a great job at branding himself. So far this year, Tyga has been on two tours. Later this Fall, he will be joining Kelly Rowland on Chris Brown’s upcoming tour.

Pictures Credit: Lil Wayne HQ

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Climbing Up The Success Ladder: Ethiopia Habtemariam Named To Head Universal Motown Records

According to TheWrap.com, Ethiopia Habtemariam was recently named to head Universal Motown Records. In the early 90’s Habtemariam started out as an intern at LaFace Records. Ethiopia is also Senior Vice President of Creative for Universal Music Publishing, where she was instrumental in signing such artists as Justin Beiber, Ciara, Polow Da Don, Chris Brown and Ludacris to publishing deals.

The ultimate goal is to get the labels working again.” She “strongly believed Motown should be youth-driven,” an individual close to the Habtemariam told TheWrap. “It’s all about youth. They’re the ones who open the doors.”

I’ve never met Habtemariam but a couple of people I associate with in the industry told me that she’s one of the kindest, sweetest people you could ever meet in the music industry.

Congrats Habtemariam from Don Bleek, Dollah Tha Rapper, Shakiel F., Rich Rosay and the entire YDBR & DG family.

Source: The Wrap

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Today In Celebs Style: Rappers Wearing Maison Martin Margiela Sneakers [WHO ROCKED IT THE BEST]?

In today’s edition of Celebs style, I came up with a list of rappers wearing Maison Martin Margiela sneakers. The line was created by Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela. If you want to buy a pair of Maison Martin Margiela sneakers and is in the NYC area, visit MMM store located on 803 Greenwich Street. Peep my list and vote who rocked MMM sneakers the best below.

Earlier in the Spring, Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z was spotted styling on them lames at the New Jersey Nets Vs. New York Knicks game. Hova was wearing a pair of $925 Maison Martin Margiela chain lace-up high-top sneakers.

The talented and stylist Kanye West was spotted making his rounds in NYC. Yeezy was wearing a $525 pair of grey Maison Martin Margiela Mid-Cut sneakers. These sneakers feature a soft leather & suede combination, 3 Velcro straps and a gum rubber bottom.

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All Swagged Out: Lil Wayne’s VMA Promo Shoot

The talented Lil Wayne got all swagged out for his promo shoot for the 2011 MTV’s Video Music Awards. In the fashion shoot, Weezy rocked denim shorts, a straw hat, a camo shirt and a pair of Vans. Weezy was also playing the guitar and holding a Moonman while in his promo shoot. Weezy will be dropping his first post-prison release album Tha Carter IV on August 29.

Weezy’s stylist did a great job styling him in this shoot. Nice pics Weezy!

Photo credit: Eric Johnson/MTV

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Magazine Cover: Young Jeezy Gracing The August/September Issue Of The Source

Def Jam rapper Young Jeezy is gracing the August/September issue of The Source magazine. In the cover story, Jeezy talked about his hiatus, the plight of American street youth and whether or not he recognizes rap rivalry. On September 20, the Atlanta native will be dropping his forthcoming LP TM103: Hustlerz Ambition. Below is an excerpt:

Are you aware that your fans are demanding a classic album?
Young Jeezy: “I think they deserve a classic. They’ve waited long enough. I think that every record on this album is an anthem.”

The August/September issue of The Source Magazine will be on newsstands nationwide August 23rd.

Source: The Source

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What’s Beef? The Real Reason Why Lil Kim & Foxy Brown Grew To HATE Each Other With Interviews From Members Of Both Camps

In the June/July issue of Vibe magazine, the publication did an entire spread on Lil Kim, titled “Diary Of Kimberly Jones”. In the spread, Vibe spoke to some of Kim’s friends and former business partners as they gave an in-depth story about Kim’s career, how Kim met Biggie and how hurt she was when he was murdered, working on her debut album Hardcore, and they even talked about an altercation Kim had with Biggie’s ex-wife Faith Evans; which resulted in Kim pulling out a gun and threatening to blow Faith brains out. They also talked about Kim’s beef with Foxy Brown and how it all started. Below is the story on the Kim and Foxy beef. Tomorrow I will post more excerpts. Read the breakdown of the Kim and Foxy beef below:

As Kim’s star status grew, she had to share the spotlight with another female rapper, Inga “Foxy Brown” Marchand, whose debut album, Ill Na Na, dropped that same month.

Gavin Marchand (Foxy Brown’s brother): Kim and Foxy knew each other from Tasha [Smith], a mutual friend that lived on our block. Then they ended up in the same high school, Brooklyn College Academy. They were cool. But it wasn’t a sleep-over-your-house-type relationship.

Smith: [Foxy] was one of the leaders. The pack always followed her, and you always heard her mouth way down the block.

Rivera: They used to record demos in the same neighborhood studio, Daddy-O.

Daddy-O: Inga was the better rapper. But there was no question that Kim was more furious about her craft. I had to stop working with Inga because I watched her curse her mother out in her basement. Kim was never like that… I might play a song that I was working on with Inga to Kim. But Foxy was always interested in what Kim was doing. Kim was never interested in what Foxy was doing.

Shaka Don: Foxy used to call Kim all the time. And then she would [turn around and] dog Kim out to people. Kim finally told me to call [Foxy] and tell her to stop calling her phone. It seemed like everything Kim would do, Foxy would do it right after. Kim bought a Land Rover. Foxy bought a Land Rover in the same color. Kim colored her hair. Foxy got the same color.

Source: Vibe

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