What’s Beef? The Real Reason Why Lil Kim & Foxy Brown Grew To HATE Each Other With Interviews From Members Of Both Camps

In the June/July issue of Vibe magazine, the publication did an entire spread on Lil Kim, titled “Diary Of Kimberly Jones”. In the spread, Vibe spoke to some of Kim’s friends and former business partners as they gave an in-depth story about Kim’s career, how Kim met Biggie and how hurt she was when he was murdered, working on her debut album Hardcore, and they even talked about an altercation Kim had with Biggie’s ex-wife Faith Evans; which resulted in Kim pulling out a gun and threatening to blow Faith brains out. They also talked about Kim’s beef with Foxy Brown and how it all started. Below is the story on the Kim and Foxy beef. Tomorrow I will post more excerpts. Read the breakdown of the Kim and Foxy beef below:

As Kim’s star status grew, she had to share the spotlight with another female rapper, Inga “Foxy Brown” Marchand, whose debut album, Ill Na Na, dropped that same month.

Gavin Marchand (Foxy Brown’s brother): Kim and Foxy knew each other from Tasha [Smith], a mutual friend that lived on our block. Then they ended up in the same high school, Brooklyn College Academy. They were cool. But it wasn’t a sleep-over-your-house-type relationship.

Smith: [Foxy] was one of the leaders. The pack always followed her, and you always heard her mouth way down the block.

Rivera: They used to record demos in the same neighborhood studio, Daddy-O.

Daddy-O: Inga was the better rapper. But there was no question that Kim was more furious about her craft. I had to stop working with Inga because I watched her curse her mother out in her basement. Kim was never like that… I might play a song that I was working on with Inga to Kim. But Foxy was always interested in what Kim was doing. Kim was never interested in what Foxy was doing.

Shaka Don: Foxy used to call Kim all the time. And then she would [turn around and] dog Kim out to people. Kim finally told me to call [Foxy] and tell her to stop calling her phone. It seemed like everything Kim would do, Foxy would do it right after. Kim bought a Land Rover. Foxy bought a Land Rover in the same color. Kim colored her hair. Foxy got the same color.

Source: Vibe

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Hector Xtravaganza (designer): When I was designing things for Kim, Foxy would come in and want something similar. I tried to keep them separated as much as I could.

Don Pooh (friend and Foxy Brown’s former manager): There’s only but so much hot shit. If that was the hot car? “I’ll be just as hot as she is. She got 20 minks? I’ll get 25 minks.” These were young girls with a lot of money.

Missy Lou (friend and former assistant): The falling out was rather stupid. There was a rumor that Big did [a reference track] for “Big Momma Thang” and Foxy got hold of it and put it on a mixtape, and Kim didn’t like that.

Marchand: Foxy didn’t put it out… I felt that Foxy and Kim didn’t speak anymore because they both started feeling themselves. Like, “Well, I don’t need her.” After Kim’s and Foxy’s first albums, [then Def Jam CEO] Lyor Cohen put up a million dollars to do a Thelma and Louise album. Big and Un were supposed to get Kim to sign the contract, and Don Pooh and Jay-Z were supposed to get Foxy to sign. They were both getting $500,000 each just to show up at Hit Factory. Everyone was in the studio—me, Jay-Z, Pooh, Big, Un. They never showed up, and the project never happened. They both cut their phones off.

Pooh: I put a phone call together between Foxy and Kim after the record didn’t happen. This is 1997. They spoke, nothing crazy—“I heard you said this.” “Who said that?”… The people in between, the girlfriends, that tore them apart. You’ll never know who said what… It was never really about anything. That’s the fucked up part about this.

Marchand: Beef is when you know what you’re beefing about. You can ask Foxy or Kim right now, “Why are y’all mad at each other?” and they don’t know. If you bring up Kim’s name or say, “You and Kim should do something,” Foxy will be like, “Next subject.”

Jackson: If it was life or death or Kim doing a record with Foxy, Kim would take death over doing that record. Kim and Foxy grew to hate one another, and that just grew over years. She didn’t feel Foxy was an upfront and real person.


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20 responses to “What’s Beef? The Real Reason Why Lil Kim & Foxy Brown Grew To HATE Each Other With Interviews From Members Of Both Camps

  1. I rember being 15 back in 96 inJersey and foxy and kim both appered on that Total Track and honestly People really Foxy at that time more than Kim , When their albums came out people loved the “Get Me Home” track more than lil kims “No Time” Foxy was More Popular in my Opinion all my friends would havefoxy brown posters on their wall and all the girls at schoo would wear sheer shirts w/ Black lipstick an the stiff weave just like foxy

  2. kim

    foxy was just mad because kim was that bitch all the white people lived for she was cute had alot of fasion and it was way better then foxxy she couldent keep up with the time kim was in and she new kim rap was way girly then hers like kim always killed foxy raps and style u no the real people kim still around and never going to stop thats why foxy stop cuming for kim then she tryed to make peace with kim but u no kim dont play that scary shit she ride till the wills fall off

  3. you will believe whatever the hell you wanna believe, but the fact is you were NOT there but you think you know better than the people who were actually around both ladies including foxy’s OWN brother?? have a seat! Lil Kim may have many flaws, but jalousy is not one of them. and WHEN have you EVER heard Biggie say Foxy was a better rapper than Kim?? “No female MC can see Kim” are Biggie’s exact words. And don’t be talking about faith, cause that lying ho was fucking other dudes while she was married to Biggie

  4. RudeBoy

    i dont believe this shit, i believe the beef was started because kims love (B.I.G) always knew foxy was the better rapper and wanted to replace kim with her. And foxy been saying this for years and in Faith Evens book she has this stated as well. Thats what made kim dislike foxy because when your love keeps telling you that the other chick is better and he wants her instead thats bound to hurt.

  5. Eddyson Volcimé

    You obviously haven’t listened to any of Kim’s albums after hardcore if you think Pussy is all she can talk about: aunt dot, revolution, hold on, I’m human, the queen, cameback for you, the jump off, this is who I am, lil drummer boy, no matter what people say, off the wall, slippin, lighters up, durty, last day, quiet… Do I really need to continue? The reason why Kim actually had way more longevity than foxy its because she always found a way to renew herself. And every time she drops an album it shows how she’s grow

  6. Ant

    I always like fox better but theres no doubt that kims delivery is straight raw, n the reason y i think fox is better is cus she talks about something more than eating pussy, which is not a bad thing for females, but in a male dominated industry, u need to come with much more than pussy eating, they’re both hard n they got sick flows, u can hear bigs voice in kim n u can hear nas n jay in foxy and is a shame we wont hear a collabo from those two, hopefully one day they can put the bullshit n their egos to the side n make that happen

  7. Anonymous

    ^ Love this guy ^ SOOOO TRUE!!!

  8. Thats right i always thought Foxy is the better raper, they are truelly the female Big and Pac of this lifetime.i AM A DIE HARD FOXY bROWN fan, and will a;ways be.Let the females stop talkin beef on Foxy’s name before she pops one of these rappers,i tell you, she is the baddest broad in the district, i dont care if she wasnt as popular as Kimberley Jones, she sho made her mark as a rapper. love me some of that cocoa coloured skin rapper, Brooklyn’s Don Diva.Long Live the female Pac,

  9. corey

    overall i love them both but they let something so little come between them its not like they were friends they were cool but Kim is the better rapper still looks good and still getting money foxy hasn’t been heard of ever since she got whooped in Florida ending her career so she has to pair with Nicki minaj to take down Kim so sad its weak

  10. 10 years older??? kim is 35 or 36, foxy is 33

  11. it seems like we didn’t read the same article. those people CLEARLY stated it was foxy who was always trying to compete with kim. it was foxy who was trying to do EVERYTHING just like kim. while kim was just minding her business. so if someone lacks confidence it’s definitely FOXY you idiot. all those people INCLUDING foxy’s own brother admitted foxy wanted to be just like kim. and WTF does kim’s appearance have to do with all this? smh

  12. Yzly - "some times" otherz, Smart A_s ! LOL!!

    Those 2 Sistazzz!need 2 lay the B/S 2 Rest. They have both come 2 fare, initially 2gether, or end result apart, & more importantly can have a positive impact on lil sistazzz, of all colour; providing they can do so. Maybe even put th@ industry beef trend on”frost” evermore. 2 of the greatest MC’s lived & died about. BIGGY!!! small!, & 2Pac Shakur!. No B/S there just aint enough seccussful negroied out there, muchless sistazzz; 4 two of the best, most beautiful 2 B @ odds.

  13. I think they were both good in their own ways .but i like foxy better i wish she would have had more exposer.

  14. tia

    It seems like foxy was trying to be like kim. i mean lil kim is a better rapper then her and got more attention then her and foxy brown probably just resented lil kim for her fame and fortune….

  15. Jacee

    LIl Kim is Trinidadian as well. So @ the first commenter. I guess she’s a backstabber too. Sigh.

  16. Ms.H

    How did they go to the same high school when Kim is 10yrs older than Fox?

  17. It seems like kim was more jealous of foxy .. foxy was “the better rapper” as the producer himself said .. . Kim needed guidance .. where as Foxy was sure of herself .. over confident maybe? .. and we can ALL see now that Kim has very severe insecurity issues.. I mean, look @ the girls face body.. she’s kept NOTHING from her original face or body, she has a lot of self-hatred.. where as Foxy is insecure, but at least she is insecure with herself and doesn’t need ppls approval to be who she is.

    They have different mindframes, but they are also similar in a lot of ways. It’s weird when you think about it. Foxy & Kim are like the Tupac & Big of female rappers.

  18. WTF you talking about? shut the f*ck up you racist bitch!

  19. VAN

    Lil kim is everything that the ugly, dumb, no talent, Foxy wishes to be.

  20. VAN

    I have never met a caribbean who is capable of being anything but a backstabber and a user of black americans. That’s what they r raised to do, and Americans need to accept their is no black unity, and protect themselves. The women know they are inferior to american women, and jealousy/hate reigns in their soul.