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Styling On Them Hoes: Ciara In $1,095 Christian Louboutin Pump

Yesterday, Thursday (August 25), the talented R&B singer Ciara was spotted leaving her New York City hotel. Ci Ci was styling on them hoes in a $1,095 pair of Christian Louboutin Maggie Leopard-Toe Pump. Ci Ci was also wearing brown leather pants with a white blouse. It is rumored that Ci Ci is in the studio working on a new album for Epic Records under L.A. Reid.

Pictures Via Ultimate-Ciara.com

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THE SOUTH VS THE EAST: Why Jay-Z Should Respond To Lil Wayne

As I previous reported earlier in the week, the interweb went crazy after Lil Wayne released a track titled “It’s Good” Ft. Jakakiss and Drake. On the track, Weezy took shots at Jay-Z. The track is featured on Weezy’s upcoming album Tha Carter IV; dropping this Tuesday (August 29).

On the track Weezy said, “Talkin’ ’bout baby money, I got your baby money/Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘How much you love your lady?’ money.

In the beginning of the Year, Jay-Z & Kanye West released a track, titled “H.A.M,” in which many thought Jay-Z was coming at Birdman. “I’m like really half a billi, nigga/Really you got baby money/Keep it real with niggas/Niggas ain’t got my lady money,” Jay rapped.

I’m going gives you guys my reasons on why Jay-Z should respond to Lil Wayne. “Let me start off by saying that as a prominent Hip-Hop Blogger/Journalist & Music Manager, I am a big fan of Jay-Z’s and is a fan of Lil Wayne’s. In my eyes, both of these guys are great. I will continue to strongly support both artists. I truly think Weezy’s diss toward Hova is nothing more than a publicity stunt to increase the first week sells of his forthcoming LP Tha Carter IV. For some reason, I do not think that Jay-Z going respond. Jay even said that the only two artists he would respond too are Nas and Eminem; because he thinks that they’re the only artists who could compete with him lyrically. However, Jay should respond because this would be a dope battle for Hip-Hop. Isn’t Hip-Hop all about competition? There haven’t been a good Hip-Hop battle since 50 Cent and Ja Rule or Nas and Jay-Z. I’m not trying to choose sides, but lyrically I think Jay would win this battle. Another reason why Jay should respond is because Weezy took shots at his wife Beyoncé. No man should ever get by with disrespecting another man wife. Finally Jay should respond because he need to show some new rappers that he still has the crown. If Jay does respond, it would most likely be in a subliminal way.”-Don Bleek

Stay tuned to YoDonBleekRaps.com for more on Lil Wayne and Jay-Z.

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Performing Live: Lil Wayne Performs In Missouri For “I Am Music 2” Tour [PICTORIAL]

Earlier in the week, platinum-selling rapper Lil Wayne’s performed live at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Maryland Heights, Missouri on August 21st and at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri on August 22nd, for his  “I Am Music 2″ tour. The tour also feature Rick Ross; Lloyd and Far East Movement are performing as opening acts on the tour. The New Orleans native will be releasing his forthcoming LP Tha Carter IV on August 29. The standard edition has a total of 15 tracks including the lead single “6 Foot 7 Foot” Ft. Cory Gunz, “John” Ft. Rick Ross, “How to Love,” and “She Will” Ft. Drake. The deluxe edition contains three additional songs. The disc has other collaborations from T-Pain, Bun B, Nas, Shyne, and Busta Rhymes. Peep Weezy’s outfit; his style is a one of a kind.

Pictures via Lil Wayne HQ/WireImageKC and RFT 

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Swagger Right: @Rundownray In Moncler

Rundown Ray is an aspiring fashion designer and up & coming rapper from the Gunhill section of the Bronx, New York. I first met him earlier in the summer. As soon as we started conversing, we clicked instantly. Ray style is a one of a kid; his swagger is always right. What Ray and I have in store  for you guy is unbelievable. In the future, we’re going to work together on a few projects. This weekend, Ray will begin his sophomore year at Penn State University. My full interview with @RunDownRay will be posted soon. In the pictures above and below, Ray is wearing three different Moncler jackets; value between $800-$1200.

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Disloyal Rappers: Lil Boosie’s Mother Says Jeezy Is The Only Rapper To Reach Out But He Still Hasn’t Done Anything & He’s On 23 Hour Lockdown

Rapper Lil Boosie has been in prison since November 2009. He has been indicted for first degree murder for the October 2009 shooting death of Terry Boyd. Lil Boosie may receive the death penalty according to a district attorney. Prosecutors also indicted Lil Boosie of conspiring with a girlfriend, another inmate and a former correctional officer of smuggling in synthetic marijuana, marijuana pills and codeine into the prison. In an interview with The Poster magazine Boosie’s mother Connie Hatch speaks out her son’s incarceration.

On Boosie being locked in a cell for 23 hours a day and not able to have any contact with others.

He’s always locked down,” said Hatch. “For example, a three-way call – he’s locked down for that. And most inmates make three-way calls. He’s locked down for another inmate taking a picture of him – [the inmate] sent it to his girlfriend and the girlfriend put it on the Internet. Whether or not the other inmate was punished, I don’t know. But because of these two incidents Torrance has been locked down since June. From June until December. No telephone calls, no contact, no store. He’s locked up in the cell for 23 hours. The only time he comes out is one-hour a day.”

Source: The Poster magazine

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Fall/Winter 2011 Swag: TI$A x Dr. Romanelli “The Americans” Collection

The Americans” Collection is a Native American and cowboy inspired collaboration between TI$A founder Taz Arnold and renowned designer Dr.Romanelli to rework and re-imagine one of America’s most acclaimed clothing lines, Polo Ralph Lauren. Using Taz’s massive collection of vintage Polo, the two designers borrowed from Hip Hop’s tradition of sampling and remixing by deconstructing and reconstructing many classic Polo pieces to make what was once old new again (Source).

Source: Upscale Hype

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Sneaker Me Dope: Jay-Z, Fabolous & Young Jeezy Rocking Air Jordans & Foams

“The MJ of recording” performed in a pair of “Banned” Air Jordan Retro 1.

After two weeks, Jay-Z & Kanye West’s Watch The Throne is still #1 on the Billboard top 200. The disc moved another 175,000 copies. So far, the CD sold over 612,911 copies. Jay-Z is in the studio working on his upcoming solo LP.

Fabolous performed in a pair of “Pine Green” Nike Air Foamposite Pro.

Loso new album, Loso’s Way 2: Rise To Power will be in stores and online this September. I have an interview set up with Fabolous. More on this soon!

Jeezy performed in a pair of “Infrared” Air Jordan Retro 6.

On September 20, the Atlanta native will be dropping his forthcoming LP TM103: Hustlerz Ambition

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LAST ALBUM: 50 Cent Says, “My Fifth Album Is My Final Requirement” & Speaks On Album Delay

Queens rapper and business mogul 50 Cent will be releasing his final album for Interscope Records. The disc is rumored to hit shelves this November. In an interview with MTV.co.uk, 50 revealed that his fifth studio LP, Black Magic, will be his “final requirement” for Interscope Records and spoke on some difficulties he had with the label.

“It’s actually my final requirement. My fifth album and the final requirement for Interscope. I had some difficulties with the actual system. There are people there that are afraid to lose their job; they’ve seen other people get fired. I think they’re afraid to make some decisions that need to be made right away, they just sit and look.” He continued: “We’ve had some conversations communicated to develop plans for different things and it’s not actually executed in the time plan that we’ve created. And I get frustrated and I start doing things, like I put the record out.”

Source: MTV.CO.UK

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The Return of Happiness: Meagan Good Covers This Weeks Issue Of Rolling Out

Hollywood popular actress Meagan Good is covering this weeks issue of Rolling Out magazine. In this exclusive, and very candid interview with Rolling Out, Good talked about “The return of Meagan Good,” wanting to teach young girls, her influences, being happy and much more. Below are some excerpts:

It’s been a busy year for you, and your visibility has increased as of late. How does it make you feel when you hear people say that it’s the return of Megan Good?
I don’t feel like I ever left. I just started dabbling in different genres, movies, and going after different audiences. So maybe this is a return to the people that supported me since day one.  As you get older, you just like to approach things differently and look for different opportunities to play different characters and evolve as an artist.

You mentioned wanting to teach young girls; what would you have taught a young, 21-year-old Meagan?

I would have told her how much the Lord loves her, and how perfect she is in the Lord’s eyes. And I would have just told her to have faith and know that God is going to make everything work out. I would have told her that she shouldn’t try so hard to control her own destiny, and that she shouldn’t let people’s opinions of her make her form an opinion of herself. And lastly, I would have told her that she shouldn’t let people who are still trying to figure out life themselves, hurt her by their judgments or opinions.

Source: Rolling Out.com  

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Wale Compares His New LP ‘Ambition’ To ‘Reasonable Doubt’: “Why Can’t I Say My album is Just as Good as Reasonable Doubt”

Maybach Music Group rapper Wale will be dropping his sophomore album, Ambition November 1. Last week, I reported that Wale and Kid Cudi are rebuilding their friendship and Cudi will appear on Wale’s new album, on a track, titled “Focused.”

In a recent interview with XXLMag.com, Wale spoke on his upcoming disc and compared it to Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt album. Below are some excerpts:

On creating a critically acclaimed album and having songs on the radio.

None of us have been able to create a critically-acclaimed album so to speak,” Wale tells XXL. “That was my goal to try to do that. I ain’t really into selling because I’m doing pretty good. I got records on the radio for the first time in my career.”

On making a classic and Wale compares his album to Reasonable Doubt.

I’m just trying to make a classic album, something that you can put up there with Reasonable Doubt and all the stuff that’s blasphemous to compare your work to now,” Wale explained. “Why can’t I say my album is just as good as Reasonable Doubt or I’m trying to beat Reasonable Doubt? That shit is blasphemous to say.”

They just think that’s ’cause people are too lazy,” he continued. “Young niggas won’t let themselves be great and old niggas won’t let young niggas be great. Jay-Z’s my personal friend. Jay-Z’s a nigga that I idolized when I was younger. Why the fuck you telling I can’t try to beat his album?”

Source: XXL

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