THE SOUTH VS THE EAST: Why Jay-Z Should Respond To Lil Wayne

As I previous reported earlier in the week, the interweb went crazy after Lil Wayne released a track titled “It’s Good” Ft. Jakakiss and Drake. On the track, Weezy took shots at Jay-Z. The track is featured on Weezy’s upcoming album Tha Carter IV; dropping this Tuesday (August 29).

On the track Weezy said, “Talkin’ ’bout baby money, I got your baby money/Kidnap your bitch, get that ‘How much you love your lady?’ money.

In the beginning of the Year, Jay-Z & Kanye West released a track, titled “H.A.M,” in which many thought Jay-Z was coming at Birdman. “I’m like really half a billi, nigga/Really you got baby money/Keep it real with niggas/Niggas ain’t got my lady money,” Jay rapped.

I’m going gives you guys my reasons on why Jay-Z should respond to Lil Wayne. “Let me start off by saying that as a prominent Hip-Hop Blogger/Journalist & Music Manager, I am a big fan of Jay-Z’s and is a fan of Lil Wayne’s. In my eyes, both of these guys are great. I will continue to strongly support both artists. I truly think Weezy’s diss toward Hova is nothing more than a publicity stunt to increase the first week sells of his forthcoming LP Tha Carter IV. For some reason, I do not think that Jay-Z going respond. Jay even said that the only two artists he would respond too are Nas and Eminem; because he thinks that they’re the only artists who could compete with him lyrically. However, Jay should respond because this would be a dope battle for Hip-Hop. Isn’t Hip-Hop all about competition? There haven’t been a good Hip-Hop battle since 50 Cent and Ja Rule or Nas and Jay-Z. I’m not trying to choose sides, but lyrically I think Jay would win this battle. Another reason why Jay should respond is because Weezy took shots at his wife Beyoncé. No man should ever get by with disrespecting another man wife. Finally Jay should respond because he need to show some new rappers that he still has the crown. If Jay does respond, it would most likely be in a subliminal way.”-Don Bleek

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2 responses to “THE SOUTH VS THE EAST: Why Jay-Z Should Respond To Lil Wayne

  1. Laci

    It is not south verse east,it’s South vs. North. Jay brought this one on his self,and for all you jay lovers he is not the best.I look at him as a popular rapper still living after his generation has washed away.Lil’ Wayne is very talented and has sick flows,plus Jay needs to go back and stay in retirement and take his child Kanye with him.Let’s be real Jay z was known but Beyonce upgraded his ass and now he is suppose to be some god over music,please he is far from that.


    Hell yeah