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Hell Up In The Big Apple: A$AP Rocky Said, “I Don’t F**k With A Lot Of New York Rappers”

Harlem’s native A$AP Rocky is one of the most talked about new rappers in NYC. This 23-year-old rapper success came overnight and it couldn’t happen any quicker. His singles “Purple Swag” and “Peso,” which gathered millions of views online is already in heavy rotation on New York’s radio station Hot 97 and also helped him secured a $3 million dollar record deal with Pologrounds/RCA. In an interview with Good Fella Media, A$AP Rocky shared his opinion about today’s New York music scene.

I just don’t like modern New York Hip Hop,” he said. “I liked Dipset, I liked G-Unit–I liked all that shit in [that] era. I’m just saying now, today, I don’t really f**k with a lot of New York rappers. There’s a few that I think is cool but that’s about it. Not to say I don’t f**k with it but I choose not to listen to it on my own time.”

“I f**k with everybody who’s doing they thing. I’m talking about new, up & coming artists. When you look at me you think of niggas like Kendrick ’cause we all young, we all comin’ up. You think of Odd Future and all that other shit because everybody’s growing up,” added A$AP Rocky.

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Love & Hip-Hop: Do You Really Know Juelz Santana’s Wifey Kimbella?

Model and actress Kimbella Vanderhee is one of the newest cast members VH1‘s reality show Love And Hip-Hop. She is also rapper Juelz Santana girlfriend and the mother of his youngest son. On the premiered episode, Kimbella revealed that she dated Emily’s ex-boyfriend/mother of his son Fabolous. Instead of focusing on the drama, Kimbella is focusing on her career as a singer and actress. GlobalGrind caught up with Kimbella to talk about Fabolous, Juelz, her fight with Chrissy Lampkin and Love & Hip-Hop. Below are some excerpts:

On how she got involved with the show.

I was scouted by Vh1. They were looking for someone extreme. I have a relationship with Juelz Santana and we have a child together. So we have a really nice family. With my stuff that’s going on, I’m transitioning from modeling into singing and acting. I’m building my Bella brand. So it made me a good character for the show.

On her relationship with Juelz and him being a good dad.

Yeah. We’ve been together since you guys have known of us being together. Yes, we are happily together. Our son is 14 months. I have another child who’s nine. So we have one big happy family. It’s really good. You know him as this rap artist, hardcore. But really with his kids, it’s like he’s in awe all day, all night with his kids. It’s really nice to see that different side of him all the time. I don’t see him as Juelz Santana. I see him as a father and as my man.

Source: Global Grind

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Celebs On The Scene: La La & Carmelo Anthony, Teyana Taylor, Amber Rose & Eva Making Their Rounds

Last night Monday (November 14), the first couple of the New York Knicks (Carmelo Anthony and his beautiful wife La La Vaquez-Anthony) were spotted at the 8th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards.

Harlem’s socialite and actress Teyana Taylor was spotted styling on them hoes  in a custom red ‘Simply Intricate’ spiked Varsity jacket and adidas at the “A Day of Champions” at the Sports Museum in LA.

Wiz Khalifa’s wifey Amber Rose, who is also a model and socialite was spotted at Video Vixen Friday’s at HK Lounge this past weekend.

Over this past weekend, model and TV personality Eva Marcille and fashion stylist June Ambrose were spotted at the Revlon All Access event hosted by Nanette Lepore.

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Sneaker Me Dope: Kanye West Spotted In Miami Rocking His Nike Air Yeezy 2

Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West was spotted in Miami doing a little shopping.Yeezy was rocking a pair of his Nike Air Yeezy 2. He was also wearing all black leather pants, tee-shirt and hoodie. “This sneaker feature a croc-like material dons both the lateral and medial heel panels, while what appears to be Foamposite paneling constructs the heel. A mesh-like material builds the toe area, all while sitting atop the classic Air Tech Challenge II tooling. Glow in the dark outsoles will also make a return on the Yeezy 2, as well as the midfoot strap and another set of interesting lacelocks,” Sole Collector.

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Finding Happy: Emily Bustamante Is More Than Just Fabolous’ Baby Mother

VH1‘s Love & Hip-Hop cast member Emily Bustamnte (Fabolous’ baby mother) is letting it be known that she’s more than a rapper baby’s mother. Creme-magazine recently interviewed Emily B. She talked about who she really is, being an entrepreneur, finding happy, healing, her future projects and much more. Below are a few excerpts:

Who Is Emily B.?

Emily is so much more than just a baby’s mother. I’m an entrepreneur, a mom, and a friend. I do wear my heart on my sleeve but I’m real. I’m honest. I’m ambitious. I want the best for everybody, and for myself. I’m just like anybody else. I have struggles, but anybody can overcome their struggles. I just hope that people can take the journey with me and grow with me.

On Inspiration…

I’m a stylist and a designer, so inspiration is key in my life. And I’m constantly being inspired every day. Right now I’m working on my clothing line, and I’m constantly doing research. I love classy and sophisticated glamour. I research the ’40s through the ’60s, the Golden Era [of fashion], and all the women of that time were flawless and beautiful. And this was way before Photoshop! They carried themselves with so much class. The women were fly! And so I’m constantly doing research for my clothing line. Women inspire me. Women of all sizes, shapes, colors, backgrounds. I’m constantly in the city, just looking at women.

On Healing, One Step At A Time

I always say that I’m not the best person for advice. Don’t ask me! [laughs] It really feels good to have women come up to me and say, “I watch your story, and I could relate to you so much. I was going through the same thing.” And these are regular women and their men have regular jobs. They weren’t even in this world of hip hop. And that was so powerful to me, because I was like wow, my story is actually impacting other people’s lives. My thing is, if I can do it, anybody can do it. Because I just thought that my life couldn’t exist without him. He was my everything. And I realized that once I let him go, you know, so many other things– great things– came to me. A whole new world opened up for me. And both of us changed from it.

On being strong for her daughter, and her advice to young girls…

You don’t really get to see in the [Love & Hip Hop Season 2] trailer, but my daughter says, “But I thought you loved him [rapper Fabolous].” And for me, it was like heart piercing. You know I’m already a cry baby! I wanted to just bust out in tears. But I stayed strong for her, because I never want her to see me in pain. And I never try to show my daughter that side because I only want her to see me in a strong light. So I kept myself together for those few moments.

Source: Creme-Magazine

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