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He’s planning a BIG 2010: Waka Flocka Readies New Album; Hopes For A DMX Collaboration

Last fall, rapper Waka Flocka released his debut album entitled, Flockavelli. The disc debuted at #6 on the Billboard 200. A little over a year later, Gucci Mane’s protegé is working on his sophomore album, entitled Triple F Life, and calling the shots for his imprint, Brick Squad Monopoly. Billboard recently caught up with this ATL native. Below are some excerpts:

Flocka on his inspiration for his upcoming album.

“Friends, Fans and Family.” “You see how evil people act for money [so] I’m doing this for friends, fans, and family,” he said. “It felt like a rushed project. I’m going to do it first quarter (2012) because I need to put my all into it,” Waka Flocka continued on his recently pushed back album, “Triple F Life.” “I felt like I was trying to please the label and not the people that really listen to the music.”

Waka on having Drake on the album’s lead single, “Round Of Applause.”

“I said, ‘Who do I need on the song to get some ladies into it?’ Let me call Drake! I met him through the engineer, we put that track together, and that was it.”

Flocka also hinted that he’s trying to get DMX on his new album.

“I’m trying to put a song together with DMX; he needs to get back on the scene!”

Flocka also plans on being the #1 artist next year.

“I’m gonna be the No. 1 artist of the year. That’s not a prediction, that’s a fact!” he proclaimed.

Source: Billboard

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Celebs Style: Rappers Wearing Camo Pants [WHO ROCKED IT THE BEST]?

Music mogul and successful business man Jay-Z was spotted in Paris, France, wearing a green pair of camo cargo pants. Jay was also rocking a  G-Star Slim “Taylor” Denim Jacket, Persol 649 sunglasses with a pair of Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers. Watch The Throne is now platinum. The album’s second single “Ni**as in Paris” recently reached No. 1 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. According to Billboard, “Ni**as in Paris” is Jay-Z and Kanye West’s first No. 1. “Watch the Throne’s” lead single, “Otis,” peaked at No. 2 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs in September.

YMCMB rap sensation Drake was spotted wearing a pair of camouflage pants, grey army crewneck sweatshirt and a pair of Tom Ford Bachardy sunglasses. Drizzy was also rocking a pair of Nike Air Jordan retro 6 white/varsity red sneakers. Drizzy’s latest LP Take Care debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling over 659,000 copies in the first week. Take Care features collaborations with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, André 3000, Rick Ross, and more.

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Conflict Diamonds: Big Sean’s New Jesus Pieces

Little is known of Sierra Leone, and how it connects to the diamonds we own.”-Kanye West

Rapper Big Sean recently took to his official Twitter page @BigSean and tweeted a picture of his new Jesus pieces. The diamonds are nice but I am NOT a fan of diamonds.

Conflict diamonds are diamonds that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council.

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Tyler, The Creator Speaks On Odd Future Being Compared To Wu Tang Clan, “No we’re not! I don’t even fucking listen to Wu-Tang.”

Last monthSpin magazine caught up with Controversial rapper Tyler, the Creator for an over the phone interview, while he was touring across the Pacific Northwest with his group-mates Odd Future. As always, this 20-year-old kid interview turned into jokes, dirty language, and copious clowning on everyone on the bus. During his interview, Tyler, the Creator talked about journalists writing positive and negative stories on him, staying grounded and Odd Future being compared to 90’s Hip-Hop group Wu Tang Clan and more. Below are a few excerpts:

A lot of people writing both good and bad things about you are, like, thirtysomething white men.
Sometimes it could be weird, ’cause they’re journalists, but I don’t know. I read an article on the Pitchfork Fest my manager showed me where he was just talking down on me. I had a cast on, the writer was like, “It’s just like any other wack show. Let’s be honest. They just jump in the crowd and kids go crazy, it’s nothing that you guys are missing.”

But it’s age that makes a big difference. Like fresh out of high school. Those kids relate to me because I’m just like them. He doesn’t relate to me because he’s not like us. So it’s a whole different mindset. He doesn’t have the audacity to call anything stupid because I mean something to someone. Like the kid that got OF tatted on him, from the SF show. Some people might call him stupid as fuck, but to him, that shit actually means something to him. You never know, he might have listened to my music and his fucking mom died and shit, and he got that just to remind him that my music got him fucking through. So it weirds me out when there’s people like that, who can’t relate under any circumstances, writing. But then again, some [writers] just like it, so I’m kinda 50/50 on shit like that.

How do you feel like you stay grounded?
I bring Lucas, we hang out at home, we skate around and shit. I watch TV, play Xbox, do shit that I did already. Fuck with people, I like fucking with people so much. I’m running a business. I’m on tour, I got a family I got to look out for. I got a fucking book coming out, I gotta work on my next album, still touring off my last album, I still have to design the next batch of merch. I just have so much and I’m 20 years old, when most people have to worry about their next term paper. It’s a lot to fuckin’ handle. I wrote “Tron Cat” on my birthday when I turned 19 last March. And it’s just weird to know that now I can stop the end of a verse and hear the whole crowd singing it? As much as I hate performing “Yonkers,” when there’s kids there and I hear the whole crowd go crazy? I look at Clancy and see the smile on his face and it’s the greatest feeling. ‘Cause I made that beat as a joke, like shitty New York ’90s something. I don’t really listen to rap, I just like to rap. So people were saying OF is like the new Wu-Tang. No we’re not! I don’t even fucking listen to Wu-Tang. I want be compared to shit I listen to. So fuck, I’ll just make a New York beat to show them. Come to find out that was the hit song so far.

Source: Spin

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