Artist Spotlight: Vaughn Anthony “Curiosity”

If you haven’t noticed recently most new music artist have been utilizing social networks such as Facebook, and YouTube as a resource to introduce themselves to the world, gain a fan base and eventually launch music careers. That’s all good and what not, but Vaughn Anthony has taken the traditional route and started singing as a background vocalists for his older brother, Grammy Award winner John Legend.

Vaughn Anthony has been waiting patiently for his debut and the time is now. Working hard over the years perfecting his skills in what he does best, singing and writing, his resume is growing and on point. Under his belt he has opened shows for India Arie and of course John Legend, hip hop collaborations with Rick Ross where they recorded “It’s Alright” and a duet with Estelle “Paragraphs of Love” for Ghostface Killah’s Ghostdini The Wizard of Poetry album.

Anthony has a vocal versatility that some will not expect. His newly recorded songs, “Curiosity”, “In Her Shoes”, “Bagthatshawty” and “Yell” all showcase his music capabilities and suits his nick name “Mr. Everything”. Anthony  released his latest EP “The Future” last year too much critical acclaim and is currently working on his mixtape “Life of A Player” which features collaborations with Rick Ross, Olivia, Prodigy and of course John Legend.  Anthony is ready for the world to see that although he and Legend are related their music is totally different.  “It is very important for me to define myself as a solo artist. My music is my own, my sound is my own“. Listen to “Curiosity” below:

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  1. Kurt (dog)Browning

    young has his own style wit plenty of swagg field boy fo real has that presence that overcomes sterotypes or similarities people allways try and bring up so wit that said sit back and enjoy watching him go fo his own!Kurt Dog.