Love & Hip-Hop: Erica Mena Talks Kimbella Fight, Being Linked To Juelz Santana, Love & Hip-Hop 2 & Her Baby Father

In tonight’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop, the reality world was introduced to Erica Mena, who have been in this industry for the past eight years. The Bronx native has a baby by Fat Joe’s affiliate, Raul Conde. In an interview with Vibe, Mena talked about Love & Hip-Hop, being linked to Juelz Santana, fight with Kimbella and much more. Below are some excerpts:

It seemed like you were just a guest on the Love & Hip-Hop 2 trailer but word is that you’re officially on the cast.

I can’t really give too much away but you will be seeing me throughout this season. I’m not an official castmember for this particular season but I’m definitely in the mix. I’v’e been in the game since I was 16, so it makes perfect sense as far as the whole connection with me being part of the show.

You’re not new to reality TV so how did you end up working at Dash on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami?

My son’s father, who is actually Fat Joe’s affiliate, Raul Conde—he does music videos and he’s good friends with Scott Disick and when we were living in Miami Kourtney came because they were about to open the store and she asked me to help her get the store running and basically be one of the girls to help her get everything up and running. It was a great experience for sure.

Source: Vibe

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There was a random blog post that romantically linked you to Juelz Sananta, which sounded odd.

That’s Kimbella! I’ve been in a 7-year relationship, pretty much since I started in the game. I’ve never dated Juelz. I never actually met him physically. But you know, me and his new thing—whatever her name is—she’s definitely something that I know of.

You mean Kimbella. There’s definitely some history between you and she. What happened?

There’s no real history, it is what it is. I’ve been in the game for some years now so I’ve seen the worst of it, I’ve seen the best of it, I’ve seen who is who and what is what. When you’re around, you know what’s what and that’s all I can really say as of right now.

Kimbella seems to get under a lot of people’s skin from what I’ve saw in the trailer.

What it is with me is that I hold no bars. I’m definitely one of those chicks that when I feel it, I say it. It is what it is; I’ll deal with the consequences later. Whether you like what I say or how I am, you either hate it or love it.



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37 responses to “Love & Hip-Hop: Erica Mena Talks Kimbella Fight, Being Linked To Juelz Santana, Love & Hip-Hop 2 & Her Baby Father

  1. mz whitley

    First I would like to say that Kimbella is a very attractive woman at the same time she has too many blonde moments. She deserved to get punched for being very inconsiderate to emily, it was’t the place to say what she said and the way she said it was overly wrong. Now that chick erica needed to catch a beat down. She ain’t even that pretty to even come at someone like that. Who is she anyway?? I hope that this show did mess up her career. I hope Kimbella gets it together she is to pretty to be so dumb.

  2. lady lala

    Erica, why the f#Ck u always talking bout how long you been in the game, you obviously ain’t relevant you got ur fame booboo by Raul & You were FIRED frm dash. And now just trying to come up. You can’t sing, you so scrawny & makes fool outta herself by saying “ive been in the game since I was 16” brag bout something you did outtah good faith you jst mad kas ur bby daddy Raul put you on the map & kimbella got fame w/juelz, lol talk some real shit …. TRU FLA GIRL… All day every day, boo!

  3. kiradee

    Kims a hoe. U can never turn a hoe into a house wife. And lol wtf is she doin to get money? Thats rite she tryna keep juelz. An u c carma is a bitch. Cus u goin thru the same thng emily was goin thu wit fab, hoe.. But erica all i can say is bitch if u gettn money go get yo ass done. Cracky. An yandy i wish i could murk dat bitch. But kim i would never say sumbody hatn on her lol wtf thex need to hate on look at all that make up shinin on her face that aint beautiful.

  4. cj


  5. Monii G

    Yeaaaa Erica needa sit down sumwhere cuz Kimbella wayy better lmfao

  6. Shondaboo

    if u ask me they both was punk cuz kimbella punk self started by throwing the glass then gone try to run then they ended up in the chair pulling hair n digging their hands into each other faces so need one of them was throwing punches but chrissy…i do see where chrissy was coming from but i think she is too wild and need to take a chill pill n made try do her own thing as far as getting a job of her own like wat can she do independently for herself..thats what i want to know…emily my girl fab is stupid for letting her go but i don’t really thing they’re apart i think thats just the show take to keep us watching and olivia need to get herself together i wish she would let her emotions come thru her songs in then maybe she would get that record deal…and stop trying to be something she’s not

  7. JerseyPrincess26

    I love the show Chrissy, Emily, and Olivia are my girls. I would to meet them all personally. Yandy is a snake everytime there is a conflict with one of the girls this season she is in the middle of it an be trying to play stupid. I don’t know of Erica except for her first apperance on the show.If you talk shit and she claims she is from nyc then she should know the street code that snitching is not allowed take your ass whipping with honor and get revenge later. I love Juelz santana and his music and I love jim jones music. This whole Kimbella situation is not making him look good right now. Kimbella is a super whore and she is almost up there with video vixen Superhead.Kimbella is a groupie, snake and rat she probably has been trying to trap a celebrity for years and poor juelz was a victim. He needs to leave her because she has no class, or respect for her man or her self. Females like that are only good for one night stands not a relationship or marriage. Chrissy did right by hitting her because she is a trouble maker. Her whole delivery of information to Emily was mean and spite and she meant to bring negativity ad pain into her world. It looked to me that she was envying Emily and Fabs relationship. I don’t know if anyone niticed but she also implied that her sons hair was gettng bush and wild like Emily’s son. Juelz better get a dna and cancel Kim ass before she hurt him and what he stand for as a man.

  8. Mimi

    I definitly agree, just like other bloggers on this site they are jealous because Kimbella is beautiful and sexy and has what they and Erica wants. She is a cocky bitch who isnt even that cute, you can find about a thousand of her at the beach in Miami on any given Friday. Her baby daddy is an affiliate of someone famous that shit is a joke! Erica is a wanna be and the funniest part of it all is she attacked Kimbella’s morals and considering herself a model but when I looked up Erica Mena all i found were wacker versions of photoshoots Kimbella has already done. And for her not to be a slut I hear there is a porn with her in it floating around somewhere? #Dontbeahaterallyourlife

  9. life

    hey did y’all see that fight on tmz with Erica and her baby daddy Rual Conde its really something wrong with this chick im surprise he didn’t hit her upside the head ….SMH shes really TRASHY.

  10. Erica got her ass whoop….. That what dat bitch get from talking shit. Women that talk shit need to get a ass whoop

  11. Erica got her ass whoop….. That why dat bitch get from talking shit. Women that talk shit need to get a ass whoop


    erica is a huge hater.. the sad part is.,,,the foOTage is always gonna be here lol. ur gonna be known as a hater for life. WORRY ABOUT YOURS ERICA CUZ KIMS GETTING HERS! And the fact that ur even concerned with someone else pocketsis funny as fk to me. girl,,,,you REALLY need 2 leave that hoodrat mentality, thats whats draggin u down. smh. U TRIED 2 DO WHAT KIMBELLA DID AND FAILED!LMAO..NO ONE CARES ABOUT TERROR SQUAH..WELL UR BROKE BABYDADDY. HAITING CUZ KIM MAN LOOK GOOD AND HAS PAPER!HA! U N THE CITY OF DREAMS MAMA…U SHOULD TRY HOOKING. I CAN PUT U W A FRIEND THAT CAN MAKE U A COUPLE THOU IN A NIGHT LOL!

  13. Suga

    And Erica nasty flat did a fucken porn bitch u wish u were kimbella on her worst day. And if I ever see you bitch, I just might slap the tast out ya fucken mouth,u hoodrat

  14. Suga

    Erica is just jealous cuz her baby daddy ain’t shit but a gofer for fat Joe. And he fat and ugly, while kimmy man getting fat I’n the pockets, nobody liked ericas sad ass Wen she was on the kardashians show,she looked like a poor sad bitch that needed money, did u forget how you used to look and dress u getto bitch? Punk bitch calling the cops… I wonna fuck u up jus cuz of that!! Kimmy wopped that FLAT ASS!!!!

  15. Jake

    Ctfu!!! Dummy this time kimbella kicked azz!!!! That no booty big mouth Latin chick is all talk!!! Called the cops like a lil punk and looking dumb at the end of the looking at the camra with a towup eye! Wear that black eye proudly dummy! Lmfao!!!

  16. I think Erica just has some personal self esteem issues. I really don’t know shit about erica or kimbella. The way erica spoke i was like wow, really you mad cuz kimbella is getting hers. All chicks are different and have different moral standards. I just personally like the way Chrissy carries herself…Emily girl keep your head up, Fab don’t want to do right you will find someone who will….

  17. lol.. U very true, that party she threw for emily i think was more for her, because that party had not one thing that showed emily or things she likes. I was like OMFG when i seen the party she threw.
    I really like the way chrissy carries herself. I like her persistence on not apologizing to Kimbella. I understand her point of view. I like Jim Jones music. I really don’t listen to any of the others unless Jim Jones is on it. He just a laid back kinda cat. I like Emily too, Fab is a fool to let her go.

  18. ashley king

    first of all idk why everybody calling kimbella a hater. it may be true that she slept around but then again how many women have slept with men and knew for sure he didnt have a girl? gtfoh just cuz he said he didnt have a girl doesnt make her a hoe she didnt need juelz to make her noticeable she was already in videos. smfh erica may have her reasons but that bitch was rude as fuck and i would have socked her right out of her outfit if shhe spoke to me like that. they both acted immature as hell that was nt a fight nobody got their ass whooped it was dumb as hell then erica stupid ass called the cops. she claim she hood but in the real hood when you run your mouth like erica did you get your top knocked off quick

  19. I believe Erica has her reason for disliking Kimbella did you not see the anomosity! Clearly it is Kmbella who is the hater since she is the one sleeping with everyone elses MAN! Chicks that sleep around with men who already have girlfriends have low selfesteem and this somehow boost their confidence. Yet, in the end the sideline ho always end up with nothing and looking even more trashier than before. I don’t personally know to much about Erica but as far as I am concerned she was making money but Kimbella the free groupie decided to mess that paper up. Why people don’t pay for milk if the cow is free! DUH And as for hating I don’t know why a bitch would have to hate on someone who clearly has little selfesteem, DUMB AS FUCK!, and HAS NO MORALS TO EVEN EMBARRASSED BOTH HER AND HER CHILD’S FATHER ON NATIONAL TV! We would have never known she was a slut if she just kept it to herself, plus she seems like she is overall a sweet person but without any common sense! SORRY THAT IS CALLED MANIPULATIVE!

  20. There is nothing more that we need to hear or see! From day one since Kimbella told Emily she slept with Fab just straight put me in the thought that she was a slut. I am not saying it’s wrong for someone to have sex with whoever but she’s a groupie obviously. BTW Juelz other babymama name is Kimbria so obviously he was just infatuated at the time because he wanted to be with Kimbria not Kmibella. Lastly, Erica I hope to see you soon on the show hunny! Your a real model unlike Kim and I believe you have valid reasons for disliking her. In addition, Kimbella carry herself in a trashy manner which makes her appear trashy. She clearly has no morals to come on the set and tell Emily she slept with Fab on national tv. She really was trying to insult Emily but because Chrissy who is a real friend stepped in and whomped on that ass she try to make herself seem innocent. It is clear to me that she is not street smart by any means, neither is she intelligent! That’s my thought not changing the way I feel. Likewise, I have a problem with Yandi who claim she is all about money but at the end of the day it’s about friendship. So, there is no need for her to through salt a Chrissy for disliking Kimbella when clearly she had an attitude with Erica for also disliking her. At the end of the day her money is going to come up short over this Kimbella chick who she has no real information about. The whole point goes right back to the main topic KIMBELLA IS A HIPHOP GROUPIE!

  21. Dutchess

    U sound really stupid jus lik the rest of the fools callin her a hater….all she said was kimbella is a slut TRUE she ran thru everybody n the game til sumbody got her knockd up TRUE nd dhe is takin money from erica becuz lik she said y they gonna pay her for sumthing kim givin away lik halloween candy……..Btw yea erica was runnin her mouth but kim thru the drink in her….thats not classy nor is ahe setting a gud example for her son…….sounds lik ur the hater

  22. sunshine

    I like the interview and this episode of Love and Hip Hop was great! Kimbella yet again has a beef with someone. Man no one likes this broad. Based off the previews I knew it was going to be an intense episode. I got sad because I thought I was gonna have to miss it since I had to work at DISH. Luckily I have TV everywhere with the Sling box so I was able to stream it live right to my iPad. I was able to see it go down and I was jumping up and down cheering for both females. In the end it was very amusing. I am glad I had TV everywhere because I get to stay connected to all my shows and even DVR events. I can’t wait till next episode.

  23. Anaisabel

    Erica is clearly just hating on kimbella! She is so irrelevant to the show!! Kourtney asked you to help on the show my ass! You got fired cause you we’re lazyy and had to take care of your kid whom you don’t seem to be setting a good example of. You think your on a higher level of modeling no… Shaking your tits on national telivision.. What can you expect from an attention whote.. You need to be taught some class and morals and your ego is way out of control!!! Ew

  24. kali means

    Erica is a motor mouth and she may like to fight but she ain’t no better than the rest of the groupie hoes. Hoes fighting hoes. Erica needs to be seen because she wants to be in a real woman’s shoes. You need to act like a real classy woman to be one and Erica is far from that. She still trying to find herself. Kimbella has had her ways but I believe she is trying to mature with good mentoring but she got some haters out there now because of her past now she has to step up and her game and show differently. Erica is one of those haters obviously if she said that kimbella stopped her from getting money “Smh” how you gone let another Bitch steal your shine? Lol .. and for that to come out her mouth that’s a sound of a hater. Erica grow up!!!!! Until then sit your ass down somewhere and shut the hell up before the next Bitch do it for you…. kardashians wasn’t for you and neither is love and hip hop. You to busy trying to fit in. Find Yourself!!!

  25. life

    Erica did a porn so shes the real sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut.

  26. bonita

    Erica knows damn well she was a Broke Down Video Bitch living in Miami and that’s why she started working for the Kardashians. Shes such a hater cause kimbella is very pretty and making her money. Erica on the other hand needed to come on this show and make her self known ,cause she knows damn well shes a NON MOTHAFUCKING FACTOR ………………. And for all people who Believes key word BELIEVES that this was a fight your SERIOUSLY MISTAKING because last time i remember socking ,throwing someone was across the room and stomping someone out is a REAL fight.not throwing drinks and pulling hair

  27. Jake

    Kimbella got her whooped!? This time around kimbella was able to handle someone her size!!! Far from getting her azz whooped unless u are blind!! Smh!! Erica was not so nice on the Kardishins show n lost her job! Her mouth was BIG on their show too!!!! That is why she did not last! Erica got a her azz whooped n thought she can pull a Chrissy on kimbella! Lol I don’t think so!!! All that talking and got ur punk azz whooped and now to be the coward and call the cops after u started it!! Smh!!! I don’t care to much for Kim but it is what it is! Lol glad u kicked her azz Kim!! Lol

  28. Court

    Kimbella is a rat for sure. But Erica is a hot f*n mess! Chrissy needs to whoop that a** next!! Chrissy my girl, but she need to relax cuz I see Jimmy proposing to her REAL soon! Love Love LOVE the show!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Kimbella is a whore and I know Juelz have to be embarrassed. No wonder they are never together on any episodes because he’s wearing that he has a cunt as a babymother. I’m sure he’s fucking other bitches. Fab was just one of many. How can you turn a groupie into a babymother that’s just a song Juelz and Fab should collab on funny.

  30. step

    fight was weak erica weak and kim weak chrissy the only one that throw punches.

  31. Donyell

    Damn..kimbella has got her ass whooped twice!! Maybe she should take a reality check of HERSELF love the show….

  32. steph

    Kimbella is just a straight out money gold diggin groupie! Finally someone put her on blast just her sleeping with fab shows how she is. Poor juelz he’s stuck with a sluuuuuuuuuuuuuuut!

  33. Ravewoods

    Anyone in any professional with unexperienced imposters posing to be credible will make any serious artist vexed. If you have no talent and you’re on television fronting and someone pulls your dress, youre gonna be ready to rumble. This situation set up the perfect storm, I’m just glad Crissy wasn’t involved. I must say, I’m all the damn fightin is wack. If the show can find a way to get the girls to knock it off, would be great.

  34. blackjustice21

    This is twice that this chick Kimbella has been attacked on her morals. I wonder whats really good with her???? what is it about her that pisses people off! Somebody needs to find the dirt and find it fast so this crazyness will start to make some sense!!!!

  35. Man I would luv to b apart of your show I have love for hiphop,R&B money ,ma kids anything.I love u all crissy &Yandy for show.

  36. Loaf

    man I would luv to b apart of your show I have luv for hiphop,R&B money anything..I love all u guys crissy Yandy for show.

  37. tiffany

    This girl erica is a straight fuckin hater she was to mad at kim n for what just plain mad she wont to b n kim shoes