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Another Reality Show Coming Soon: BMF Wives Coming To TV

Before I begin with the story, I just want to say that all four of the females above are sexy and styling on them hoes. Now back to our regular scheduled program. According to Ozone Magazine, Gricelda Chavez, Lisa Buford, Tiffany Gloster, and Tonesa Welch (pictured left to right) begin filming a reality show based around the wives and girlfriends of the infamous drug kingpins BMF [Black Mafia Family]. Most people in the Hip-Hop community are familiar with BMF, especially “Big Meech” who is currently serving over 30 years in prison for drug trafficking and running a continuing criminal enterprise. The organization, ran by Detroit brothers Terry and Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory had various associations in the Hip Hop community but met it’s fate in 2005, when over 30 members were arrested in a drug raid. The FBI believed that BMF was responsible for moving over 2,500 kilograms of cocaine a month throughout the US and prosecutors believed the organization had made over $270 million dollars.

Here’s a breakdown of the four ladies according to Ozone:

Terry’s wife Tonesa Welch (far right), who calls herself the “First Lady of BMF,” appears to be the Shaunie O’Neal of this whole venture and hopes to help tell Terry’s side of the BMF story.

Gricelda Chavez, who was involved with music producer Damon Thomas (incidentally, although not as famous as Kris Humphries, he is also a Kim Kardashian divorcee). Damon was a player in a BMF money-laundering scheme involving jewelry purchases and, when confronted with the evidence, agreed to cooperate with the government as a witness against Terry.

Lisa Buford’s man “PJ” was a high-ranking BMF affiliate on Terry’s side of the organization.

Tiffany Gloster and her man Jerry “J Rock” Davis were both indicted by the DEA on BMF-related charges in 2007. Tiffany served a two year sentence for her part in helping to launder the proceeds from J Rock’s cocaine sales. J Rock is currently serving a sentence of 39 years and 10 months in prison.

Are you excited about this show and would your be watching?

Additional source/spotted over at Necole BITCHIE

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Spotted Courtside: Lil Wayne At The Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks

Rapper Lil Wayne, who is also known for wearing outrageous outfits was spotted sitting court side at the Miami Heat vs. Atlanta Hawks game at the America Airlines Arena, in Miami. Other celebrities that attended the game included, Gabrielle Union, actress AJ Johnson and LeBron James’ fiancée’ Savannah. The final score was 100-92, in favor of the Hawks. Peep the pictures below:

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10 Years From Now We’ll Still Be On Top: Diddy Speaks On His Legacy, Jay-Z, Rick Ross Biggie Comparison & More

Over ten years ago, a young flashy Puff Daddy said, “10 years from now we’ll still be on top” and he really meant what he said. He’s still on top, rebuilding his Bad Boy label and has a lot of money. Diddy recently did an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. Bad Boy’s founder spoke on the supposed black cloud that people say lingers around his label, his legacy, being competitive with Jay-Z, the new diddy and his original Biggie/Ross Comparisons. Below  are some excerpts:

On where the negativity towards Bad Boy is rooted from:

“Just regular hate and people on some not understanding how this industry works. This is a hard industry, this is not for kids, this is not for the weak. This is not a PG rated industry. If you are weak you will get eaten alive in this industry. This industry has a life expectancy of like two years.”
Why Bad Boy has been frowned upon as a label:
“It started a couple of years ago with what happened with this artist, why isn’t this artist still on the label, why isn’t that artist on the label, so people started to give us a bad rap. Honestly, nobody that was on Def Jam still on Def Jam nobody on Roc-A-Fella still on Roc-A-Fella. We’re the last people standing.”
On his own legacy:
“Nobody builds brands like me, nobody has as many hit records as me, there’s not one producer that has as many hit records as me. Not one and I’m not poppin’ shit, thee are just facts in black and white. That’s not saying we haven’t made mistakes. Be inspired by my hard work, be inspired that if I could do it you could do it.”
On competitive vibe with Jay-Z:
“Me and Jay we gon’ help each other get to the highest point that we can get to. That’s the relationship we have. We could have been competitive, but we realized that we would get more out of each other and out of the situation if we work together.
Source: RadioPlanet
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Spring/Summer 2012 Footwear: Maison Martin Margiela Metallic Gold Leather “Mirror” Sneakers

In today’s edition of Spring/Summer 2012 Footwear, I am posting pictures of the gold colorway of Maison Martin Margiela’s mirror sneakers. They feature a gold metallic leather upper with a hidden lace-up system, a large wrap around velcro strap, and a gum rubber sole. They are now available at upscale retailers for $680. This sneaker line was created by Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela. Are you feeling these sneakers?

Source: Upscale Hype

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