This Is A Don Bleek Exclusive: Yandy Smith Of ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Is Pregnant

Earlier in the week, I reported that one of the cast members from Love & Hip-Hop could be pregnant. I also mentioned that I knew who it was but didn’t reveal which lady is pregnant because of personal reasons. Since it is leaked, I will say that Yandy Smith is three months pregnant. According to Baller Alert, the Harlem talent/music manager is knocked-up by her boyfriend, who was rumored to have robbed Jim Jones. Below is how they’re reporting the story:

Hey BA! Yandy Smith from VH1’s Love And Hip Hop show is keeping a little secret. It turns out she is 3 months pregnant by her boyfriend. The same boyfriend who [allegedly] tried to rob Jim Jones a few months ago.”

They also added, “Yandy doesn’t want to tape the reunion today 1/19 or tomorrow because she is pregnant. Her and momma jones are not cool anymore and she doesn’t want to be upset on the show. VH1 is begging her to be on the reunion.”

The Season finale airs on Monday and we will just have to wait to see if Yandy will do the reunion.

Source: Baller Alert

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3 responses to “This Is A Don Bleek Exclusive: Yandy Smith Of ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ Is Pregnant

  1. boodagurl22

    chrissy need to get a job and stay positive all that negativity aint cool and its bad for your health

  2. Brandi

    If it wasn’t for Chrissy being on the show if WOULDN’T be a
    love & Hio Hop Team Chrissy ALL DAY. I beleive Yandy is in love with Jim Jones if you ask me which is so FOUL!!!.

  3. dasha clark

    I wish eveybody would stfu about it so wat if she’s pregnant or not stay outta the girl life I mean dam she’s a normal person just like me n u leave my pudd alone ps fuck chrissy