Is He The Bronx Savior? FIVE New Tracks From Rich Rozzay

Rich Rozzay is an up & coming rapper from the Bronx, New York. He is in the studio working on his debut mixtape, entitled The Interview. The disc is an introduction of him and will be out summer 2012. He is naming it The Interview because each track will ask a question about him and he will answer it via song. Rozzay was the first up & coming artist rapper to give me a chance at being a music manager. He helped me turned my dream into reality. I started managing him back in 2009. I remember the very first time we met. I had rented an 2009 Audi back in June 2009 and drove to the BX from South Jerz. Rozzay and I were so hungry and excited about pursuing our dreams that we took our last $60 to go to the recording studio. That night symbolized everything! After a year of working together, we decided to focus more on education. After I graduated from Rutgers University and Rozzay finished high school, we decided to reconnect. So now, we’re in the beginning stages of building his brand and developing him as an artist. Listen to his music below:

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