Love & Hip-Hop: Yandy Smith Releases More Nude Baby Pump Pictures & Talks About Her Pregnancy

Music/talent manager, reality star and movie producer Yandy Smith is showing off her baby bump in her latest photo shoot. In the picture above, Yandy is topless, only wearing a purple dress and in the picture below, she is wearing a long white dress. In an exclusive interview with Mashonda for her website, Yandy opened-up about her pregnancy and talks motherhood. Below are some excerpts:

What are you anticipating the most about motherhood?

Yandy: I’m really excited to hold this baby. I can’t wait to see what all these kicks in my belly look like on the outside. I can’t wait to kiss him, smell him, play with his toes, sing him to sleep. And honestly I’ve spent so many years taking care of artist now I can take care of something that is all mine (well me and daddy’s).

A baby boy is such a joy. What do you imagine him to be like?

Yandy: I hope he’s just like his dad with some of me mixed in there. Smart, confident, caring, compassionate, a leader and want to see what the combination of us looks like.

Do you have a name yet?

Yandy: Not yet. It has to be just perfect. And dad and I haven’t found a name that gives us the warm and fuzzy feeling we’re looking for.

Will he make his appearance on LAHH next season?

Yandy: If I make an appearance my son will as well. No one will be able to separate me from that lil boy for a while.

You are about to witness the greatest love of all. In one word please tell me how you want your child to describe you?

Yandy: My Everything

What is the one thing that you will instill in your son the most?

Yandy: To have a respect and love for God.

As a new mother, what worries you the most?

Yandy: Lol! Everything. Balancing work with being a mommy, will I be able to breast feed, will I be a good mom, will he get sick, will I always be able to provide for him, what child care will be best, what school will he attend, who will he date…you name it. I’m nervous about it. Lol

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