STRUGGLING CAREER! Has The Music Industry Blacklisted Keri Hilson For HATING On Beyonce?

No need to get into details! We all know that this chick Keri Hilson has been taking shots at Beyoncé since she first came into the music industry. Keri NEVER had a real reason to diss Beyoncé.  Is she jealous of her? Bey NEVER said anything negative about Keri. In fact, they don’t even run in the same circle, shop in the same stores or eat at the same restaurants. Keri is NOT on Bey’s level. It is my opinion to say that Bey is the greatest performer since the late great Michael Jackson. Keri’s hating ways is finally catching up to her.

According to Sandra Rose, “So apparently singer Keri Hilson is struggling. I’m hearing she is “blacklisted” in the industry after her blatant disses towards Beyonce. Interscope has had their wits with her diva-ish attitude and her partner in crime who came up with the idea of Keri to come for Beyonce’s crown has been ghost in her defense to save her failing career. She is at rock bottom, and is too prideful to realize it. The top producers and writers are too scared to collaborate or work with her on her new projects for fear of catching some of the backlash. Wouldn’t be surprised if she nudged fellow struggling singer Ciara to do a duet and get some buzz for her declining singing career.”

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5 responses to “STRUGGLING CAREER! Has The Music Industry Blacklisted Keri Hilson For HATING On Beyonce?

  1. musichead.

    And being a diva is defined to high position talented songress, not be being classless, and starting disputes with other musicians, i mean look at diana ross, gladys knight. Come on, singers are supposed to embrace new singers not disgrace. Come on people. Both are not divas.

  2. lisamarie

    Just like neyo, she made music before starting her own music career. But i believe there are two sides. Keri hilson shouldnt said that but come on, beyonce shouldnt feel threathened , they both have own distinctive styles. I think keri should be doing some acting right now and make music for others. Then some time later, then she should do music forherself again. Its need to blowover. But it doesnt matterwhich side youre on, both are fault. Because if i was beyonce i wouldnt care, and if i was keri i wouldnt started it.

  3. Tiffany

    Whether you despise Beyonce or not, if you side with Keri it just shows me you’re just as rude and nasty as her. How the hell can you come out as a new artist dissing a fellow artist who is at the top of their game?! Who does that? Don’t you have any other lyrics to write??? On top of that you were PAID to write songs for artists like Bey. No one forced you too. It’s like sour grapes to me; you got the $ and now want to whine and make noise. Completely wack behavior. But she thought it was gonna make her big.  That’s why she fell off so quickly. Consumers were not feeling her sour personality. I don’t like Rihanna but she never had to diss anyone to get some shine. Neither did Beyonce. On top of that Beyonce never said one bad word about this woman! When you come out focus on your music, connecting with fans, throwing shade like you made it already will get you nowhere. Keri is now an example of that. New artists take heed. Its easy to get attention on your 1st album. The hard part is sustaining that interest on your sophmore. And she didnt with her 2nd album. Not to mention it was about girl power, *cough. And @Cinnamon please stop making her out as if she’s a writer on the level of the Beatles or Elton John et al. She writes some disposable lyrics about the club. Nothing earth shattering. 

  4. cinnamon

    oh please, they both “sing” for a living.

    all of you Beyonce fans are seeing her in tween-age idol eye. Any mature person can see thru the marketing machine behind her.

    If Beyonce was so talented why didnt she star out as a solo-artist? Answer she did not have the raw talent like Christina Aguliera, Monica,Brandy etc.
    she couldn’t dance like Madonna, Britney, Ciara etc. NO RECORD DEAL
    She learn via Destiny’s Child experience. She is a wanna be Diva.

    but unlike Beyonce Keri Hilson is a real song writer.

    Adele just came on the seen & can sellout concert solo. Beyonce has yet to do that without add various other acts. Her song are awful except for the 1st album (which she had limited control off)

    Real talk: when a song writer put their hard work into a song, and then Beyonce comes along add a few aha hmm hmmm -then take credit. I would throw shades at her too. She steals to stay relevant

  5. Anonymous

    no where near on BEY’s level have a seat Girl!