Don Bleek Exclusive: Lil Kim Is Getting Her Own Reality Show On TV One

This is a Don Bleek exclusive! The Queen Bee (Lil Kim) is coming back to reality TV. Over this past weekend, before Lil Kim partied it up with boxer Floyd Mayweather and singer Ray-J at Life Nightclub in Atlanta, she flew to Los Angeles for a business meeting. I can attest that the private dinner meeting was held at the Beverly Hilton hotel. On Lil Kim’s upcoming reality show, most likely she will give her fans a glimpse look into her life as she revamp her image, brand and career. At Kim’s private dinner meeting, her, her brother and small entourage ate lobsters and drank wine.

At the current moment, I do not have an exact date for when the show is scheduled to go into production but this is something that I am definitely interested in seeing. This is not Kim’s first time on the reality TV screen. Back in 2006, BET premiered the show, Lil Kim: Countdown To Lockdown which was filmed before Kim headed to prison. Her new show has been picked up by TV One who also hinted that Kim is filming a reality show for their network.

I also reported that Kim is working on a Rock/Rap fusion track with Kelly Osbourne for her new album as well as an episode for VH1′s ‘Behind The Music’. It feels so good to see Kim back at work! Are you guys excited for her upcoming projects?

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3 responses to “Don Bleek Exclusive: Lil Kim Is Getting Her Own Reality Show On TV One

  1. Briny

    Damn, I can’t wait for her epic comeback!!

  2. Lil Kim is the queen. I am very excited about her going back to work. This reality show will give her more exposure that she needs. I am going to get TV One just to see her reality show;etc.

  3. Anonymous

    Yess I’m excited, I knew she was gonna get ya pen show after I saw they made a show for faith to come … But we all kno lil kim the queen is gonna make everyone sit down and get into her life .. I’m so amped I can’t wait too see it I hoe its true