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Toya Wright, Emily B & Their Kids Takes A Camping Trip


Over this past weekend, reality star, author, and business woman Toya Wright took her daughter Reginae Carter on a camping trip in Georgia. Fabolous‘ girlfriend Emily B and her daughter Tania accompanied Toya and Reginae on their trip. Lil Wayne’s current girlfriend Dhea was also there. The fun weekend included horseback riding and drilling roasted marshmallows. It’s always a good thing to see females coming together. Peep the pics below:





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Big Sean Releases New Vlog Titled “Reality”






G.O.O.D. Music rapper Big Sean releases another Vlog. In his latest clip titled “Reality,” the Detroit native talks about how he turns his dreams into reality. This Vlog also features exclusive and behind the scenes footage. Sean is a success story! He’s talented, humble and has a great personality. The first time that I met him during my XXL magazine days, he was just so nice, excited and had a great attitude. I’m proud of Sean’s success! Watch the footage below:

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BBWLA Reality Star Brooke Bailey Airs Out Draya For Sleeping With CHRIS BROWN To Get To Where She Is At

Nas Host Jimmie Maggett's Birthday Bash and #1 Celebration at the Roxbury Nightclub in Hollywood July 26, 2012

A lot of us are currently tuned in to BBWLA Reunion. I am watching it as I post this story and it is a lot of drama going on. Brooke Bailey recently phoned Street Disciplez Radio and she aired out the other cast members. She talked about how Draya slept with Chris Brown to get to where she is at, and not being a real model. She also called Malaysia fake and revealed that she beat Jackie’s a$$. Below are some highlights.


“We’re cool, but we’re not dating anymore, no.”


“She’s delusional. I never had a situation with her, she had one with me, and she never really confronted me about it.”


“I really beat her ass. It got so real to where I blacked out; I remember her kicking me. After that, I don’t remember anything until security was trying to get me up off of her. But you know what, I have to give Jackie props because out of all the girls that I pressed and confronted about little sneaky sh*t or the shade they was trying to throw, she was the only b*tch that stood up and said ‘this is what I’m saying.’ She never backed down from what she was saying, so I kind of respect her for that.”


“I always felt that Draya was a fun girl. She’s never been a model, she’s never my competition in the industry. Whatever she does, that’s her business, and I respect however she gets her money, that’s cool. But what I can’t respect is if you want to pop your collar, that’s cool, but b*tch, don’t try to un-pop mine.”


“She’s done modeling, but the basis of her career started from her f*cking Chris Brown. When you’re dating a rapper, of course you’re going to be in other people’s videos or their videos because that’s what you’re around. It doesn’t mean that you’re a model, it doesn’t mean that. She’s never had to audition, she’s never had to do the things that I’ve done to build my career. She didn’t have to learn protocol. That’s why when it came to business, she f*cked up.”


“She’s fake as f*ck, and that’s how I feel to this day.”

Full interview here.

Pic via Exposay

Spotted: The YBF

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The Carters Jet-Setted To Miami For Art Basel


Over this past weekend, Jay-Z and his wife Beyoncé jet-setted to Miami for Art Basel. The Carters are art lovers and I’m assuming that they’re considering adding some new pieces to their collection inside of their $80,000 a month Tribeca apartment. They checked out some pieces by artists Elizabeth Turk and also made their way to the book launch of Jose Parla & JR’s The Wrinkles of the City Havana Cuba at the Standard. Jay & Bey along with Bey’s cousin/assistant Angie chose the right weekend to jet-set to Miami because it is cold and raining in NYC. Peep the pics below:





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Pusha T Styling In A $350 En Noir Triumph Divine Crewneck Sweatshirt & $595 Balenciaga Sneakers


Over this past weekend, Def Jam’s rappers Pusha T and Fabolous linked up for “Life Is So Beautiful” visual shoot. The track is featured on Fab’s Soul Tape 2. The visual was directed by Jon J and shot in Miami during Art Basel. While on set, Pusha T styled in an $350 En Noir Triumph Divine Crewneck Sweatshirt paired with black sweatpants and $595 Balenciaga Patchwork  High Top Sneakers. Pusha’s debut solo LPMy Name Is My Name arrives in the beginning of 2013. Listen to “Blocka” here.




Pic via Pusha T and Fabolous’ Instagram

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Beyonce Goes Blue For New Pepsi Ad; Worth $50 Million


Beyoncé is back and she goes blue for her new Pepsi ad. Back in 2002, the multi-platinum selling R&B/Pop singer inked a promotional deal with Pepsi to appear in television commercials, and on radio & internet ads. A decade later, Bey is working with the worldwide brand again for Limited Edition Series of Pepsi cans which her face appears on. The ad was leaked online today and Bey is pushing a cart full of Pepsi. She wears a blue blazer, polka dotted shorts and pumps. The ad is already out in Europe and will be premiering in the states soon. In related Bey news, she will be performing at the 2013 Superbowl in February. Is her ad sexy or what?


According to the New York Times, “The multiyear campaign is estimated at $50 million, the bulk of it for media placements and promotions around the world, and the remainder split roughly equally between Beyoncé’s fee and what Pepsi calls a creative content development fund.”

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Unsigned Hype: RP “Taking What’s Mines” Official Visual

00- Front cover

Music Name: Rich Person also known as RP

Reppin: The Bronx, New York (241st Street; the Wakefield section)

Who influenced you to rap: Krs-1, Run, Notorious B.I.G and Jay-Z. I was also influenced by every special moment in Hip-Hop.

Your standout records or moments have been: My standout moment was completing my debut project, New York Fornication. It was a very special moment for me as well as a big accomplishment. I would like to thank Stone Red, 2Keyz, Charlie Rock, Octopus Jones and Ralley for providing the production.

If you can sign to any label, what label it will be and why: Currently I’m waving my flag! I have my own movement called The People Club but I wouldn’t mind signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. They remind me of Motown in a sense because they’re well prepared & does a great job developing their artists. I’m focused on adding something new to the Hip-Hop culture and a label like the Roc Nation would assure the attention of the masses.

What projects are you currently working on: Right now, I’m currently promoting my mixtape, New York Fornication. That’s my baby, my debut! ‘Taking What’s Mine” is the lead song from the project and it’s perfect for what I’m setting out to do. I have so many great records on this project. I’m excited!

Five years from now I will be: One of the new faces of Hip-Hop. So in 5 years, Don Bleek if you’re interviewing me then I made it. Get used to Rich Person & The People Club because you’re going be hearing those names a lot.

For more info on RP follow him on Twitter @DopeBoyRP & Instagram @DopeBoyRP

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