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Gloria Govan Speaks On BBWLA Reunion Drama And Replies To Shaunie & Evelyn’s Tweets


Just to make a long story short, this past Monday was part one of the Basketball Wives: Los Angeles reunion show. Throughout the reunion, reality star and NBA player Matt Barnes wife Gloria Govan repeatedly said, “If weren’t for me, Basketball Wives LA wouldn’t exist,” which pissed off people on Twitter and the blogosphere. After the episode aired, Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada and executive producer Shaunie O’Neal took to their Twitter accounts and responded that Gloria’s statement wasn’t true. Necole Bitchie interviewed Gloria and she discussed everything that happened during the reunion, Evelyn and Shaunie’s responses and much more. Below are some highlights:

Did you watch the reunion?

No, but I feel like I didn’t have to because I was scanning through twitter. What really irritated me is that people misconstrued how I… well honestly, that whole reunion was crazy. They didn’t air my response in terms of what I said back to Bambi, they took my comment about the spinoff way out of context. It was just really frustrating…

What’s your response to Evelyn and Shaunie’s tweets?
To Shaunie, she didn’t have anything directly to say, she kind of jumped on the bandwagon because she knows what’s up. In terms of Evelyn she needs to stay in her lane, I understand she’s on Shaunie’s side no matter what because that’s her home girl. Evelyn out of all people should understand how spinoff’s work.

I knew if I had to respond to really anybody I was going to have to go into full length conversations, so I just left it all alone (on twitter). That’s how I felt about Evelyn, like girl you of all people need to stop talking, I don’t know if that headbutt got you all delusional or what but she knows what’s up.

Why do you think everyone got offended by your statement that Basketball Wives LA was created because of you?

It is obviously the power of editing. I wasn’t saying I was the creator of Basketball Wives, the franchise, period. I’m just saying that If I had not moved to LA there would not have been the spinoff. If this was Shaunie’s show, if she created it, like I said before she spends half her time in LA, she could’ve had her own show, and if she was this big and bad ass producer why would she even give my sister an opportunity to be on the show? I think that’s why she is not directly responding because, those who know the truth, know the truth, about how she didn’t create Basketball Wives at all and how we both had an opportunity to do a basketball wives spinoff, and my group stuck and that’s why she is just doing basketball wives Miami. You don’t see Shaunie on Basketball Wives LA at all. You don’t even see her in the background at a restaurant. She’s not anywhere to be seen because she has no involvement in it whatsoever.

So your saying there was going to be a spinoff between you and Shaunie, and your group got chosen?
When I moved to LA , Shaunie lived out here too and VH1 approached both of us. They told me to go out and get a group of girls, and told Shaunie to go out and get a group of girls, and whoever’s group sticks will get the spinoff. That’s how the spinoff happened. Even Draya had said it at the reunion. She said, “You’re the reason why we are all here making money, and how the opportunity came to me’ and that was all I had to say. And I said that in response to Malaysia who was like, “I’m the title of the show [A Basketball Wife]‘ and Bambi was like, ‘I’m on here because of my best friend and its all her show’ and I was like what are you talking about.

Would you do another season, if they want you back?
No, I don’t think so. I think at this point I want to kind of branch out in terms of what I want to be doing next season and I don’t agree with the direction the show is going. There is more and more women on there, and I have the upmost respect for Bambi, my sister and Jackie. I just feel like the direction of the show is becoming more of a Bad Girls Club, then it is a Basketball Wives show.

Via Necole Bitchie

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Meek Mill Wears A Moncler Hooded Parka & Hitboy Sports Balenciaga Sneakers



Maybach Music Group rapper Meek Mill was photo’d holding a pair of Puma sneakers at GB’s inside of the Jamaica Colosseum Mall in Queens, New York. Meek wore a red Moncler Hooded Parka Jacket. He was also photo’d holding a puppy in his Moncler jacket. A few months ago, Meek inked an endorsement deal with Puma. His debut LP, Dreams & Nightmares debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Top 200 and #1 on the Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums chart, with over 167,000 copies sold in the first week. Buy Dreams & Nightmares on iTunes now.



Award winning music producer Hit Boy recently stopped by Complex’s Headquarters on 23rd Street in Manhattan, New York. I’m not sure what he was doing there but I’m assuming it involved a photo shoot and interview. For his visit to the music and fashion publication, he sported a pair of $545 white Balenciaga Areana Sneakers paired with a black denim jacket layered over a white hoodie and ripped denim jeans.

Pics Via Meek Mill, Hit Boy & Complex’s Instagram

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In The Middle Of December Trina Shows Her Thong In A Sexy Valentine’s Day Photoshoot


I’m not sure what planet Trina is on because on earth we’re preparing for the 2012 Christmas holiday. For whatever reason(s), the baddest chick decides to release images from a sexy Valentine’s Day inspired photo shoot which was shot by photographer Robin V. Even though the pics hit the Internet two month early, I still love them. She flaunts her thick legs in a heart-shape apron, red thong and Christian Louboutin pumps. Check out the strawberries and whipped cream in the background. Do we love it?


Pic via  Robin V

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Did Bow Wow Lie About Losing His Virginity At 16 To Esther Baxter? She Denied Those Allegations…

D'USSE Cognac + JAY-Z Host The Official Barclays Concert After Party At The 40/40 Club

Rapper and actor turned 106 & Park host Bow Wow recently stopped by Sway In The Morning on Shade 45. During his in-depth interview, Bow Weezy expressed his respect and appreciation for 50 Cent, the status on his baby mother dating music producer Hit Boy and he also revealed that he filmed an interview for Oprah Whitney’s OWN network. What got the Interwebs buzzing is Bow Wow mentioned that he lost his virginity to former video vixen Esther Baxter at the age of 16. Did Bow Wow lie? Esther Baxter denied those allegations and aired out Bow Wow on Twitter.

Esther Baxter replies below:



Do you believe Bow Wow or Esther Baxter?

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Mariah Carey Gets All Glammed Up, While Nicki Minaj’s Butt Deflated


As the cameras continue to roll, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj were spotted in L.A. for another taping of American Idol. Being the diva that she is, MC was all glammed-up in a gold sequin dress paired with gold heels. They said, “if you stay ready, you don’ have to worry about getting ready.” I’m assuming that Nicki Minaj missed that saying because she wasn’t ready for the paparazzi.  NM hid her face in an oversized scarf and dressed in a fur coat, denim jeans and slippers. Is it me or does Nicki’s butt looks deflated? Did she missed her appointment to get her butt shots or is that a butt-pad she’s wearing? Season 12 of American Idol premieres Wednesday January 16 at 8/7c on Fox.




Pics: WENN

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Passion For Fashion: Eazy Key Shows His Sneaker Collection


Yesterday Friday (December 14), while inside of my Manhattan office, I got a quick chance to chat with @EazyKey, who is an aspiring rapper, fashion stylist and model from the Bronx, New York. We met in the beginning of the year, had some deep conversations about the industry, one thing led to another and now he is featured on the dopest blog on the Interwebs. He also sent me a lot of pics of his sneaker collection. Peep the pics below and check out the Q&A I did with him:


What’s the most you’ve spent on one pair of sneakers?  $300, a pair of Nike Air Foamposite
How many pair of sneakers do you own?  I own 15 pair of Jordan and like nine pair of Nike.
What is your favorite brand of sneakers? Jordan, I love them.
Do you find that your passion for sneakers influences you as a fashionable rapper? Yeah,  Because I stay fleezyy (fly).
About how much is your sneaker collection worth?  Probably around $4,500.
Which celeb’s sneaker game do you respect the most? Fabolous, he has a dope sneaker collection.
Are you eyeing any sneakers at the moment? I’m really feeling the KD’s & Purp 5’s.
Who’s your favorite designer or brand? Ralph Lauren, all the way!
Where do you get your style from? Honestly, my style is inspired by my neighborhoods (Bronx & Mt. Vernon, New York).
Favorite fashion blog or magazine? Of course, YoDonBleekRaps.





Eazy Key’s info: Twitter EazyKey | Instagram @_EazyKey

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Wiz Khalifa Brings His Fiancée Amber Rose On Stage & Feels On Her Huge Baby Bump


29-year-old socialite Amber Rose is expecting a child with her rapper boyfriend Wiz Khalifa and since announcing her pregnancy this past summer, Rose has been tweeting pictures. She’s so excited and I am happy for her and Khalifa. During a recent concert in Khalifa’s hometown (Pittsburgh, PA), Khalifa happily brought Rose onstage. In front of thousands of screaming fan, Khalifa hugged Rose’s baby bump. The twosome are expected to tie the knot soon. Congrats!



Pics Daily Mail

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Lance Gross Covers Rolling Out; Talks Being A Role-Model & Female Fans


Famed actor turned photographer Lance Gross is covering the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine. On the cover, he dressed in a denim jacket and sported a nice dark ceasar haircut. Inside, he opened up about his female fans, being a role model and revealed that he wants kids. Below are some highlights:

Ten vintage cameras sit on the tabletop, neatly aligned and ready to be used as props for rolling out’s cover shoot with actor Lance Gross. The cameras, which are part of Gross’ steadily growing collection, serve as a striking metaphor when examining the career path that Gross is currently embarking upon. No longer just the Tyler Perry alum with the big, magnetic smile, Gross has taken the past year to successfully transition to a life behind the camera as a photographer and an independent film producer.

There continues to be all types of buzz surrounding your latest film, The Last Fall. Tell us about it.
The Last Fall is an independent [film] that I did with director Matthew Cherry, starring myself, Nicole Beharie, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Keith David and Harry Lennix. You know, there is just a lot of great talent in this film. I actually starred in it, and was a producer as well. It was the first project I produced, so this was a step in the right direction of me increasing the number of things under my belt.

Why is being a role model to children so important to you?
I grew up in Oakland, [Calif.], and I just remember how it was growing up there. I had my father, and he was an amazing man and an amazing role model, so I always wanted to mirror that … So when I got into this business, I told myself that I wanted to be somebody that little kids aspired to be like … I just think it’s real important — especially for young black males — because I look at the guidance that my father gave me. I had friends who didn’t have that growing up, and I see how they turned out compared to how I turned out, and it’s a big difference. So I think that I owe that to my father, because he played his part, he did what he was supposed to do, and he set a great example … I just want to keep continuing to set the example that my father set for me.

When we told people that we were going to interview you, there were literally hundreds of women who swore that they were going to be the mother of your children. Have you grown accustomed to the amount of attention that you get from women?
No, it’s still a trip to me. It always feels new, and I can never get used to that. I mean, I’m humble  … to me, I’m just a regular cat from Oakland, California. The attention is nice, though, and I really appreciate it. I appreciate every compliment, and never let any of it go to my head.

Read the interview in its entirely over at Rolling Out.

Source: Rolling Out

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Feeling On Her Booty! NBA Player J.R. Smith & His Shorty K.Michelle Sexed It Up Inside A Nightclub


After seeing these pictures, I’m assuming NBA player J.R. Smith of the New York Knicks and singer/reality star K. Michelle are back together. The twosome was spotted sexing it up at Kiss & Fly nightclub in NYC. K. Michelle held her signing party (for her new deal with Warner Bros ) at the Manhattan unprecedented nightclub. J.R. Smith was photo’d feeling on K. Michelle’s booty. They were boo’d up! In the past, J.R. admitted that he had a crush on the singer. During a recent interview with a New York radio station, (I will not say the station name because they don’t support New York artists/up & coming artists) K Michelle openly admitted that she and J.R. had something going on, which ended abruptly, and she also mentioned that she wanted him back. Well, it looks like she got him back.  It’s great to see them together just before the holidays.





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The Beatiful Christina Milian Spotted In NYC Making Her Promo Rounds


YMCMB’s newly signed singer and TV personality Christina Milian was spotted out in NYC making her promo rounds, yesterday Thursday (December 13). She stopped by Wendy Williams and Anderson Cooper. She’s really cute! For her NYC city promo rounds, Milian wore a printed colorful dress under a sleeveless fur vest and purple suede pumps. She also carried a purple bag. Do you think her outfit is cool?



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