Yandy Smith Speaks On Showing Her Personal Life More On This Season & Her Boyfriend Mandeecees


As I previous reported, last week, I attended VH1/Monami Entertainment’s ‘Love & Hip Hop Premiere Screening Party’ for season 3 at Kiss & Fly in NYC. During the premiere party, there was a Q&A and also, TheYBF.Com caught up with Yandy for an exclusive interview. Since the last season, Yandy has been doing pretty well. She launched her Everything Girls Love accessorize line as well as a lifestyle blog of the same name. She is also a new mother! Back in July, Yandy and her boyfriend Mandeecees  welcomed a baby boy to the world. During her interview, Yandy talked about how she is showing her personal life more on this season, why she decided to bring her boyfriend on the show and why she decided to come back. Below are some highlights:

This season it appears that we’ll see more of your personal life than just you as a businesswoman, was that something you wanted last season?

No.  Last season I was completely closed and I didn’t want any of my personal life (no mom, no dad, no man, nothing) on the show. Honestly, the reason why I did the show is because I wanted to give a message to people out there, women, men, whoever…there are some of us who are independent of a man who have built a career in this industry or done well for themselves independently of someone else’s career. And I felt that first season that wasn’t really shown. Because if you see Somaya struggling, she left struggling. Olivia starting struggling in her music career, she left struggling. I wanted to show that I’m fighting and I’m not really struggling. I wanted season two to be focused on my business.

The world didn’t see your boyfriend during the last season, what made you want to include him now?

When we started taping I was 8 months pregnant, so there was no way not to include him. I didn’t want people…well, People assumed last season, and I realized, that because I didn’t have a boyfriend on the show and it is Love & Hip Hop, people assumed that I was in love with Jim or wanted to be with him. It was so confusing and mind-boggling because we were so professional in real life and on the show and I couldn’t understand why people thought that. I guess if they don’t see you with anybody, they assume you’re with nobody. Because I was coming home every night to Mandeecees so it’s like, what are they talking about. Do they know what I got at home? I felt it was important to let people know, “Let me check all yall that thought something differently, here it is”.

Considering all the drama that happened last season and with reality shows in general, why did you choose to return for another season?

Let me think…there was a lot of drama, but overall it was excellent for my brand. I’m just going to keep it real with you. When I thought about the drama and how much I’m not drama filled, I was asking myself if this is something I really wanted to do. But when I thought about what it’s done for my EGL brand, I was like “why wouldn’t I”. When I thought about how it’s a commercial to promote whatever you have (your nails, hair, clothing or jewelry line), this show airs 3 to 4 times a day every day a week, you would be a fool not to take advantage of all those marketing tools and dollars that could be spent. And I felt there was nothing more to think about when I thought of it from that spectrum.

What’s the BIGGEST change you’ve seen in your boyfriend after you had your baby boy?

He’s already been a dad and what I love about him is that he’s a great dad. But now to see him love up on something that’s a part of me, makes me love him. Baby Omere has just gotten us so much closer because I see how much he loves him and how much he wants to protect him.  And that just makes me love him more.

Read the full interview over at TheYBF

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