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Beyonce Bad A$$ Flaunts Her Sexy Body On GQ’s February 2013 Issue


It’s official, Beyoncé is back! Her bad a$$ flaunts her sexy body on the February 2013 issue of GQ Magazine. On the cover, Bey opts for a sport themed which includes a sky blue cropped jersey top and red & black leopard panties. Last month, I posted that Beyoncé is gracing the cover of Vogue again. This will make Bey’s second Vogue cover. In the past she covered the April 2009 issue of Vogue. Last year, Beyoncé signed a $50 million deal with Pepsi and in February, Bey will be performing at the 2013 Superbowl during halftime.

Does this cover rocks or what?

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He’s Back! Juelz Santana Talks About Taking A Breaking From & Returning To Music, ‘God Will’n’ & Dipset


I am so happy that rapper Juelz Santana is making a return to his music roots. It has been over seven years since Juelz last dropped an official solo album. What The Game’s Been Missing! was released via Def Jam in 2005 and sold over 500,000 copies worldwide which was good enough to earn him a gold plaque from the RIAA. His new mixtape, God Will’n  arrives next Monday (January 14). The Harlem native legal issues and bumps in the road caused him to have a few setbacks and missed some really good opportunities including his anticipated, I Can’t Feel My Face collaboration mixtape with Lil Wayne. Village Voice caught up with Juelz for an exclusive interview. Below are some highlights.

You decided not to release music while you going through some issues. Do you think that was wise?
Well, I took some downtime but I didn’t stay away from my fans until it was like, “What the fuck? Where the fuck did he go and where the fuck did he just come from?” My presence was still felt even though I was out there like that.

So you named the mixtape God Willin’. Why’d you chose that as a title?
God Willin… it just came to me and it felt good, it felt right. After I announced the title people hit me on Twitter, reminding me that Clipse first album was called Lord Willlin’.Honestly though the title just came to me. I didn’t even think of that album. It just came to me. Originally it was going to be called Reagan Era and Kendrick Lamar got a song with that title but I been screaming “Reagan Era” for years. Or like Jay naming his album The Blueprint after KRS had an album by that title. It’s all good at the end of the day.

What’s different this time around?
I’m gonna treat the situations like I’m a new artist. I’m just hungry again. God Willin is just gonna be the start of a new chapter. I got a new label situation called Anything’s Possible. But it’s still Dipset, Skull Gang. I’m still on Def Jam. I already got the second mixtape done after God Willin where I’ll be rapping over other people’s beats but we’re just going to talk about God Willin for now. I’m just happy to be back in business. I want to enjoy working and go hard and be where I need to be. Right where some of these niggas ain’t supposed to be. I’m still lookin better than a lot of niggas who just dropped albums though. They looking lost out here. It’s time to follow the leader again.

You mentioned being where you need to be or feel where you belong. Do you regret the time taken off? True you stayed somewhat visible but it did impede your momentum, no?
The time off was definitely a long time. I know people are looking like “Damn.” I wasted time that I can’t get back and I blame only myself. And I said it’s where I belong because hard work beats talent. Niggas outworked me so that’s why they’re where they are but they ain’t got my talent. So it’s time to just get right back into working. And right now it feels perfect. It just feels right. Besides, there’s always room for a real nigga.

True. So when can we get another song with you, Cam and Jimmy on it?
We’re working on making it that happen. I’m with whatever. We’ve been talking about things. It was always more than music with us so we all just have to get back into that space. But again, I feel like the time is just perfect right now. This is the time for everything.

Read the interview in its entirety over at Village Voice.

Source: Village Voice

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Meagan Good Spotted In Manhattan Wearing $1,075 Christian Louboutin Leopard Daffodile Pumps


Actress Meagan Good is currently making her promo rounds to promote her new show Deception which airs on NBC. She recently stopped at the 2013 Winter TCA event in Pasadena, CA and yesterday Monday (January 7), Meagan was photo’d in NYC making her way to The Today Show. The newly wed, wore a pair of $1,075 Christian Louboutin Leopard Daffodile Pumps paired with black pants and a black & tan jacket. Would you wear these pumps? On The Today Show, Meagan revealed that she and her husband went to Mexico during the holidays, to celebrate their official honeymoon.




Shoes via Christian Louboutin

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A$AP Rocky Speaks On Being A Legit Rapper & His Debut Album, ‘Long.Live.A$AP’


His success came overnight and it couldn’t have come any faster. Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky had a great year in 2012 and made a major contribution to Hip-Hop culture. This fashionable kid who sports a Soho upscale style kept the blogospheres on fire with his Houston inspired music, dope visuals, and fashionable outfits. He also grew as an artist over the last year which helped improved his interviewing skills and we also saw less temper tantrums and rants from Rocky in 2012. In 2013, he still has a lot of growing to do as a music artist, business man and fashion stylist. This Spring 2013Rocky will be opening up for Rihanna on her upcoming worldwide tour. He recently interviewed with Pitchfork , where he talked about his music and debut album Long.Live.A$AP which arrives a week from today Tuesday (January 15). Below are some highlights:

There are a lot of people who claim that you’re all flash and fashion– that you’re just a pretty boy and not a legitimate rapper. How do you call me just a swag rapper? When I started, I was 23 years old directing my own music videos; I’m co-producing on my album; I’m hands-on with everything. I’m more than just a pretty boy: I’m an artist. I’m not saying I’m a hip-hop music artist, I’m an artiste.

Skrillex is probably the most surprising name on Long.Live.A$AP. How did that song, “Wild for the Night”, happen? My relationship with Sonny [Moore, aka Skrillex] is funny. We’re friends. He and I started out together, believe it or not. The guy who shot the video for “Purple Swag” was his personal cameraman, and he would show me Skrillex’s shit. I was like, “Yo, why does this dude have this weird-ass haircut? What does he do?” This was before he got big. We’ve hung out a lot– we used to go to a lot of clubs. You wouldn’t take me to be a Skrillex fan, but honestly, when I’m at his shows, I get high and liquored up, and I just go in the crowd and start raving.

On the other end of the spectrum, the album also features production from Danger Mouse on “Phoenix”. I used to bag up drugs with vanilla candles in my room and bump Gnarls Barkley. St. Elsewhere was good, but The Odd Couple was really my shit. Some of my favorite songs were “Who’s Gonna Save My Soul”, “Charity Case”, and “No Time Soon”. When I reached out, Danger Mouse accepted my hand and acted like a big brother.

On the album, you’ve kept a lot of your signatures– the pitched-down vocals, the Houston and Memphis references– but you’ve also moved away from that on some songs, too. I didn’t necessarily move away, but why do it so much? I don’t do anything too much. When shit gets overdone, I step away. Givenchy is so overdone right now. So many rappers are wearing it. All they know is Kanye and A$AP and Jay-Z and all those motherfuckers wear it, so it’s the thing to do. So I don’t fuck with Givenchy right now. If I was to do that vocal pitch thing too much, I would get tired of it and be mad at myself.

When you were first getting attention, a lot of people looked to you as a potentially important New York rapper. What’s your relationship to New York been like in the last year? I’m from New York and I love New York and I’m always repping New York, but what I represent is something deeper than just being a New York rapper. I want to be the first guy to help people accept everybody for who they are. I’m talking about colors, religions, sex, everybody. My music is for everybody, it’s not just for one kind of group. I’m a people’s person, believe it or not. I just have a dark side to me, which we all do. But at the same time, there’s a lot of light, and that’s why God is letting me shine, because I’ve got a good heart. We really need to make this shit a new revolution. All of the young people– the artsy people, people who get overlooked because they’re weird or they don’t have hype around them– need to get some shine. I want to inspire people to really open up their minds and not be one-sided or biased or hypocritical or… I just want to change people, because the world is a fucked-up place and a lot of people gave up on trying to change it.

Read the interview in is entirety over at Pitchfork.

Source: Pitchfork

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