Another Superhead? Winter Ramos’ Of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Is Releasing A Tell-All Book, Exposing Celebrities


Last night Monday (January 14), the reality world and blogosphere was introduced to Love & Hip Hop’s new cast member Winter Ramos who is the former assistant to rapper Fabolous. She also claimed that she have worked with Biggie Smalls, Queen Latifah, Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, Jay-Z, DMX, and Ruff Ryders.

Ramos has written a tell-all-book, entitled Game Over: My Love For Hip Hop which is about her career in the industry and she exposes Hip Hop artists. Because of the content of the book, such as exposing celebrities, Ramos has already been compared to former video vixen turned author Karrine Steffans aka Superhead who also wrote a tell-all-book, called Confessions Of A Video Vixen, exposing celebrities. Rapper Jadakiss is also a “big part” of the book. “I wrote a book. It’s a tell-all of my experiences in the music industry. Guys that I’ve dated. It’s real sh**. Jadakiss, he’s a big part of the book,” Ramos shared with VH1.


On last night’s episode, Ramos gave a brief summary of herself and how well she knows the Hip-Hop industry. “I’ve dated these guys, I’ve slept with them, worked for them, I know the girlfriend, I know the baby mother, I know the wife, I even know the side chick,” Ramos said proudly.

According to LifeChangingBooks, below is a synopsis of the book:


Game Over: My Love For Hip Hop is now available for pre-order for $9.99 at LifeChangingBooks.

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