Pusha T Speaks On His Upcoming Projects, Grammy Nod & Labeled Andre 3000 As His Favorite Rapper At The Moment


Rapper Pusha T is gearing up to drop his debut solo album, My Name Is My Name but before that project hit stores and iTunes, the G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam rapper will drop his free mixtape, Wrath Of Caine, which arrives soon. It is my opinion to say, “Lyrically, Pusha is a beast! I think he is so underrated.” King Push recently talked to Village Voice about his upcoming projects, Grammy nomination and his favorite rapper at the moment. Below are some highlights:

So the mixtape is called Wrath of Caine and the album is My Name Is My Name?
Yeah, that’s right. The [mixtape] is from a play on words from my favorite record by Big Daddy Kane. I felt the title was a brief description of what people know me for. My Name is My Name is a reference to Marlo from The Wire. I felt like I was coming under a lot of scrutiny about my content. At least it felt that way because of social media and things. I just feel like, man, my name is Pusha. You should know what you’re going to get from me by now. This has been my brand of rap for a very long time.

So obviously drug dealer fly shit will be overlying themes on both projects.
Well yeah, but I like to think my music has a lot of perspective too even though people might not think so. More than anything it’s about showcasing who I am. Even in [Clipse] I was more the brash young, unapologetic rapper. That may vary slightly, but it’s still me. I still want to keep all my Clipse fans engaged. I think the different perspectives is what my brother bought to the table.

What are some producers you work with who give ‘Ye and Pharrell a run for their money?
I think P and ‘Ye are two of the greats, but I do feel like there are certain producers who I can go to for hot peer of what they do. NoID is one of them. He can give you the purest level of hip-hop and still be current. Every aspect of true Hip Hop will be incorporated into a beat and it will still sound fresh and new. I feel like Nottz is a sample king. We have a crazy record together. Just Blaze gives you the cinematic joint. He gives you the climax of the movie every time. Some wouldn’t consider them super producers but I do.

Plus you’re a Grammy nominated artist now. What’s that feel like? Do you place importance on it or nah?
I guess it’s fresh. It’d be fresher if I was nominated for my own song (laughs). Nah I’ve never been apart of something like this so I’m happy to be a part of it. It’s something… It’s great for G.O.O.D. Music.

So who’s your favorite rapper right now at this exact moment?
Favorite rapper? Jay-Z. No wait. I take that back. Andre 3000 is my favorite rapper right now.

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Source: Village Voice 

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