49ers Players Chris Culliver Says, “Gays Don’t Belong In The NFL” But He Looks Suspect Himself


We’re just three days away from SuperBowl 2013. The Baltimore Ravens will take on the San Francisco 49ers at the Superdome in New Orleans. Each team did their press day this past Tuesday and the gays are coming for Chris Culliver because of his anti-gay comments. The 49ers cornerback said some ignorant stuff and the gays along with the 49ers are pissed.


In an interview with shock jock Artie Lange, Culliver went on an anti-gay tirade, “I don’t do the gay guys man,” said Culliver. “I don’t do that!”

He was then asked if there are any gay players on his team and he responded, “No, we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do. Can’t be with that sweet stuff. Nah.. can’t be in the locker room man. Nah.”

After all of the backlash from the gays and media, earlier today the 49ers organization released their own statement disapproving Culliver’s comment.

“The San Francisco 49ers reject the comments that were made yesterday, and have addressed the matter with Chris. There is no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. We have and always will proudly support the LGBT community.”

With all that being said, is it me or does Chris Culliver looks suspect?

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2 responses to “49ers Players Chris Culliver Says, “Gays Don’t Belong In The NFL” But He Looks Suspect Himself

  1. College Dropout

    Money cannot buy class. As a black man you think he would understand the prejudices our people have had and still are facing, so why would you throw a jab at someone else. No gays have not had to struggle as much as African americans but their journeys sure as hell haven’t been paved in gold. To say something like that to me allows people once again to stigmatize the black community and black athletes as individuals who people believe should just stick to athletics and leave public speaking to those more educated. Not saying that the young man isn’t, I’m saying when you’re in a position were everything you say is recorded and or written down. You should really think and I mean long and hard before you speak.

  2. YES! I thought he looked kind of suspect myself with those pics he posted, unless those are his sexy poses gone wrong.