Winter 2013 Style: Sugar Pill Sweaters



In the states, we have another 6 weeks of winter left and these Sugar Pills sweaters can be worn under a warm coat with a dope pair of jeans or you can save them for the Spring and wear one of these sweaters by itself or layered under a light denim jacket. What I like best about these sweaters are the colors. I love color-blocking!






Red Nebula



If you’re interested in ordering one of these sweaters or any pieces, from this brand, visit their online store,

Photos Credit: Sugar Pills

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One response to “Winter 2013 Style: Sugar Pill Sweaters

  1. College Dropout

    A world without color is a world not worth living in. I myself enjoy bold brights something that if I were out and about on the town people would take a double take. There are so many ways you can wear these sweaters and the other sweaters you posted. Me personally I would wear it with a denim jacket and a bright solid color Jean or mini skirt, not to many accessories because the sweaters accessorize on their own, ny hair would either be worn up or something long and curly.