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Model & Actor Spotlight: Dylan Ayisi (Part 2)


Dylan styled in a red sweater with black leather sleeves by Modisch and black waxed denim jeans by Zara. His outfit was accessorized with a red & green Gucci “G” Locked Belt with the matching Gucci Hi-Top Sneakers.


This kid looks familiar? Sure does! Last year he crashed YDBR (because his post brought so much traffic to the site) and made it to the number one most popular post on the blog when I featured his modeling and acting pictures. See original story here!

Since then the aspiring model, actor and future entrepreneur has been booming on the Interweb. Dylan has been featured on various Black-fashion site including UrbanDigital and Tumblr. I recently caught up with the rising star and we had a brief conversation about his road to success, future endeavors and fame.

“I am not in a rush to be seen on television or in movies. I am also not rushing to become “famous” or fighting for it. There is a positive and negative side that comes with fame, and one day I have to adjust to it because it’s a part of the industry that I am in,” said Dylan when he was asked if he would like to become famous or seen as a celebrity. He then added, “Honestly, I don’t even want to be famous. I just want to be successful, make myself useful into humanity, put a good deed into society and better my craft in the modeling and movie industry.”

Some of the people who influenced Dylan are actor Hill Harper, media personality & actor Terrance J and director & executive DeVon Franklin. “These individuals influenced me because they are a living testament that you can turn your dreams into reality. I also think that they epitomize the meaning of a successful Black male in Hollywood. Success, education, strength, wealth and tenacity; they represents all of that.

When you are first starting out in the entertainment industry or even trying to pursue your dreams, not everybody understands your drive or see your vision. “Sometimes I think people don’t understand my drive but it is my vision that inspires others. I am all about unity and motivating others to do what they want to do and accomplish their goals. What’s left is working to create your own destiny ”

As far as what’s next for Dylan, we both can agree that we know what the future has to offer him but God controls it and he’s following God’s plans. However Dylan is destined to rise to the top and will not give up. “I’m not going to give up no matter what the circumstances are. I will do everything I was told I can’t do. My parents always told me, “If you are going to start something, it is very important to finish it” and in return I certainly will. It’s just a matter of time”

Dylan ended our conversation by saying, “I believe in being persistence and putting your faith in God because all things are possible with him. I also have a couple of agencies that is looking forward to working with me in the near future.”

Follow Dylan on Instagram @ThaGoodFella_

For Booking & Acting Inquires Contact: AyisiDylanNyc@gmail.com


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Draya Wears A Black & White Kimi Kouture Jumpsuit To A Club In Houston


This past Friday (April 19), model and reality star Draya Michele of Basketball Wives: Los Angeles continued her club hosting gigs at Club Soho in Houston. She partied in a black & white Kimi Kouture Jumpsuit. Pair this classy half black and half white high-waist jumpsuit with a nice pair of peep-toe heels and wear it to an elegant event and you’re guarantee to have heads turnings. Females are wearing jumpsuits more this season! In related Draya news, it is being reported that BBWLA is getting cancel and Draya is getting her own show. Would you be interested in seeing Draya’s show?



Photos Credit: Draya’s Instagram | Kimi Kouture

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Tristan Thompson Rocks A Red Leather ‘Concealed’ Top, Leather Sweatpants & Giuseppe Zanotti Homme Mirror Sneakers


Stylish NBA player Tristan Thompson of the Cleveland Cavilers was flexing on Instagram in a  Red Leather Concealed Top and Black Leather Concealed Sweatpants. This leather top feature a gold lining, side slit and detailed seams and is from the brand’s Fall 2013 collection. Thompson topped his outfit off with a pair of $825 Giuseppe Zanotti Homme Mirror & Suede Zipped sneakers. This baller is fly! Fellas, would you wear this outfit?





Photos Credit: Tristan Thomas’ Instagram |Ki Ki BHussy’s Instagram | Luisaviroma

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Nene Leakes Enlists Cynthia Bailey, Marlo Hampton, Jennifer Williams & Laura Govan As Bridesmaids For Her Wedding

NeNe leaks & Jennifer Williams in Beverly Hills

Yes, she’s very rich and now Nene Leakes is filming her own spin-off show for BRAVO. Nene does a great job branding herself! The mega reality star, actress and author turned her 15 minutes of fame into a multimillion dollar empire including movies, TV shows, real estate, a restaurant, and shoe line.


After numerous rumors, it was just confirmed that BRAVO granted Nene her own show, I Dream of Nene which is scheduled to premiere this Fall 2013. The show will focus on Nene and Greg’s upcoming wedding ceremony. Nene enlisted some of her reality stars BFF including Cynthia Bailey, Marlo Hampton, Jennifer Williams & Laura Govan as bridesmaids for her wedding. Nene also hired celebrity wedding planner Tiffany Cook to help make her dream wedding a reality.

Would you be tuned in?

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Meek Mill Shows Off His Red Leather PRSVR Sweatpants


Philly’s own Meek Mill took a break from performing on his ‘Dreams Come True’ tour to party it up with his homies at a nightclub. His outfit of choice was a black tee-shirt paired with red leather PRSVR sweatpants which feature a black leather crocodile patch above the knees. What I like best about these sweatpants are the bright red color and crocodile knee patch. With a pair of all black Balenciaga sneakers or Timberland boots, you can’t go wrong with these pants. Meek’s next tour stop is at the House of Blues in Los Angeles on April 26. Dreamchasers 3 arrives soon! Visit PRSVR online shop here to place an order!




Photos Credit: Meek Mill’s Instagram | PRSVR

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Don Bleek’s Exclusive: K. Foxx Calls Angela Yee An Insecure ‘Dry Statue’!!!


Angela Yee (left) and K. Foxx (right)

The on-screen tension between Hot 97′s own K. FOXX and Power 105.1′s ANGELA YEE on VH1′s newest reality series, The Gossip Game is undeniable. The two radio personalities have been battling since the series premiered, and there doesn’t appear to be an end to their brewing differences in sight. Recently, I interviewed K. FOXX for Juicy magazine to get her stance on a number of things including rise from humble beginnings, how she managed to work her way through the male dominated radio industry and issues with her on-screen nemesis, ANGELA YEE.

Juicy: After doing radio in Miami for years, what brought you back to NYC?

KF: It’s not like I had to go seeking for it. It kind of came to me. Ebro called me up and said, ‘we have an opportunity for you to be on air for a week and then we will make a decision.’  I was like, ‘okay.’  It came to me at a time when I was really seeking something more in my career, and then I got the phone call.

Juicy:  Angela Yee has said numerous times that the difference between you and her, what may be the reason for tension, is that she is an equal with the male co-hosts on her morning show, and claims you are not. How did you feel about those comments?

KF: I think she’s just trying to throw jabs at me. Me, Ciph and Rosenberg all add something to the show. I am the female on the show, I come out with different ideas. [Ciph and Rosenberg]  come up with comedy skits and other things.  [Angela’s] show [Power 105’s ‘Breakfast Club’] is drier – it’s watered down. We’re more creative. We come up with skits, and we’re intellectual as well. As far as what she says,  I think that’s all her insecurities showing.

Juicy: So then what is the biggest difference between you and Angela Yee?

KF: I am colorful, she’s black and white. I live my life in color. I dream in color, that’s actually the name of my organization for kids. There are so many colors in my life that make me who I am. You can tell by the way that I talk, dress, and how I carry myself. When you look at her, it’s like a statue, a very dry statue.

 Juicy: Do you think Angela’s jealous of you and all your ‘color’?

KF: I have no idea.

Juicy: Are these the type of situations that make it harder being a female in the radio industry?

KF: I think that it is hard being in the radio industry period! But when you are a female, you have to work extra hard not only because it’s a boys club, but people are always going to test you. It’s more challenging, but I think I do a pretty good job at maneuvering past those things.

Juicy: What else can viewers expect from you this season on ”The Gossip Game”?

KF: I don’t want to come across as “the angry Black woman” that’s always defending myself. You’re going to learn more about K. Foxx separate from the radio. You’re going to know what my challenges are besides what I do on the radio. You’re going to see my everyday life, my everyday activities. I think it’s good for people to see different sides of me.

Be sure to catch K. FOXX on VH1′s The Gossip Game Monday’s at 9pm.

This interview is also posted on Juicy’s site here!

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Passion For Fashion: Fabolous Wears A Von Parris Leather Crossroads Sweatshirt, PRPS Jeans & Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “SVSM”


After rapper Fabolous performed at New York’s Power 105′s DJ, DJ Prostyle birthday bash at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom, he headed over to the studio with DJ Khaled and Rick Ross. Loso rocked a $180 Von Parris Leather Crossroads Sweatshirt and ripped PRPS jeans. Fab completed his outfit with a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “SVSM”. The sweatshirt features a leather cross-shaped in metallic gold lamb skin, gold zippers on the sleeves. Nice outfit, Fab! By the way, Fab is in my top five most stylish male rappers. Visit Von Parris’ online shop here to place orders!





Photos Credit: Fabolous’s Instagram | Von Paris | Fight Club

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Angela Simmons Dances At The Nightclub In A Topshop Dork Tee-Shirt & Black Zippered Leather Skirt


Angela Simmons is back in town and she partied it up in NYC. Before hitting the dance floor to show the crowd what she’s working with, Angela sat on the sofa looking cute in a $24 Topshop Dork Tee-Shirt paired with a black zippered leather skirt. Her outfit was accessorized with a patent leather red Fendi bag and $125 Melody Ehsani “Thrilla the Rilla” necklace. What is your verdict on Angela’s club outfit?



Photos Credit: Angela Simmon’s Instagram | Topshop | Melody Ehsani

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