Beyoncé’s New Short Blonde Hairdo; Are You Feeling It?


After years of sporting a long blonde weave and extensions, Beyoncé decided to switch-up her hairstyle. The international Grammy Award winning singer is now rocking a cute shorter blonde cut. King Bey unveiled her new hairdo on Instagram and the Beyhives love it. Late last night, King Bey was the talk of the towns and ablaze other social sites including Twitter and Facebook. I love how King Bey constantly changes her style and revamp her image. Since King Bey is a trendsetter, I know all the beauty salons from the inner cities to the suburban are going to be crowded this weekend.  Are you feeling it?



Photos Credit: Beyonce’s Instagram

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3 responses to “Beyoncé’s New Short Blonde Hairdo; Are You Feeling It?

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  2. Link DeVille

    1st off, there was a time in my life when I worked indirectly for Beyonce as a barber in her mother’s salon here in the “H.” She is one of the flyest celebrities I have EVER interacted with and holds a special place in my heart.

    Now that that’s over with…
    I take anything that anyone says about Bey really personal. I don’t know if she reads this blog (which I did very much), but come on! Whoever wrote this is repeatedly referring to her as “King Bey.” Please correct this error. Thanks and I will keep rockin with y’all.

  3. errr nooo!!! she looks like a man