Unsigned Hype: Dope The Phenom From The Bronx, NY


  • Name: Dope The Phenom
  • Age: 20 years old
  • Reppin/City: Bronx, New York
  • Who influenced you to rap: My God Brother “Tease” and My Uncle “DJ CityBoy”
  • Who are you musical influences: My musical influences have to be: Jay-Z, Nas, & The Cool Kids. Hov’s state of mind, Nas sense of putting your life into a poem making a story and The Cool Kids way of coming up showing you that you can be different and do things your way because originality revile greatness. They helped me develop who I am, Dope The Phenom.
  • Standout records or moments have been: Standout record for me is “Dopeamine” Ft. Mikey Rockz. When we released it, everybody went crazy and wanted a video. I just love the hype and how everybody fell in love with what we created.
  • If you can sign a deal with any label, what label it will be and why: If i could sign to any label hands down it would be Def Jam. Only because I see myself fitting well with that roster of artist, that franchise i just see the love that every individual receives and it’s amazing.
  • Any other projects are you currently working on: I dropped L Y O N Heart The EP on my 20th birthday (July 30th) and I recently dropped Abstract Visuals this past Labor Day (September 2nd).  I’m getting things lined up for my next project #TrippyState The EP which will be out soon.
  • Five years from now I will be: I will be in the music industry. I will also be an idol to so many people but most importantly the youth of today. Showing them that you can go for nothing to something, showing them that you can be known as a dancer and be an artist if you choose to be #PhenomNation is the future and the world from now and five years from now is about to witness it.



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